The Great Hack – Privacy online isn’t easy!

Netflix just released a brand new original movie, The Great Hack. It isn’t really a standard movie, it is more of a documentary dealing with how the date of voters was used against them to influence the voting results dealing with Brexit and the American presidency in 2016.

We haven’t hard so much about these matters lately, but it was really interesting to see this documentary on Netflix. The Great Hack deals with Cambridge Analytica, and how the company used data gathered from social media to target voters and to influence them to vote in certain directions. It is a very interesting study, and if you do not know much about this story at all, you better watch The Great Hack on Netflix.

The Great Hack on Netflix

Do you need to change your Netflix region in order to stream The Great Hack? No! It is really easy, after all, this is a Netflix original movie. As a result, you can watch The Great Hack in every single Netflix region. But, if you want to watch The Great Hack on Netflix without compromising your location, private data, or anything else, use a VPN that works with Netflix. Which VPN is that which will let you stream Netflix content without giving you the proxy and unblocker error? Check our article presenting the best VPN providers for Netflix right here.

The Great Hack on Netflix
The Great Hack on Netflix

More about The Great Hack

The movie is really about examining what really happened with and through Cambridge Analytica. To find out, all sorts of people are asked, including former employees of the company, those who helped with the different campaigns, those who fight for the right to own our data online, and several others. As you would expect from such a movie, all the characters star themselves, meaning that you will meet Brittany Kaiser, David Carroll, Julian Wheatland, and lots of others in this documentary.

I didn’t know much what to expect before I streamed this movie on Netflix. But, I was positively surprised, and also happy about how Netflix decided to create and to share this documentary. It makes the platform much more attractive for people, not only those who love modern movies but also for those who want to learn and know more about different topics. In the same way, I also enjoyed their show named Explained, in which they teach people about different topics in episodes lasting 20 minutes.

What did I learn from The Great Hack?

I learned much more about what actually happened, and how it all came to be. It was interesting to find out.

Did the information scare me or make me behave in a different way online?

The answer to that question is no! Nothing has really changed for me, and it wasn’t a secret that information can be used against us in the ways described in the documentary. But, it will for sure open the eyes of many people who never thought about how their Facebook data can be used against them.

We are stupid to think social media is about generosity!

It is stupidity to think that Facebook and other social media sites will not use our data against us. So many people consider these sites to be charity, but they are not at all out there for charity reasons. Facebook and other sites are purely interested in making money, and if that includes “selling” our data to advertisers, they will not hesitate to do that. In a way, I cannot blame them for that. It is stupidity of us to believe that they want. That is why I feel like this should rather be a warning to all of us – be careful about what you share about yourself!

I use Google Photos, simply because it is free. At the same time, I pay for the free service with my data. How come? When photos are uploaded to Google, they acquire a lot of information about me and about those, I am together with. They can set together a picture of my movements and interests based on those pictures. So what?

Later, they can send advertisers my way who want to share and sell products I am likely to be interested in. How can they now? Because Google has seen my photos! Again, I use the service because it is free, but I know that the information I share by uploading my photos is worth a lot to Google. It is stupidity to think anything else!

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