The rebase token war -> Results between February 2nd and February 9th (and some thoughts on the experiment after running it for two months)

On December 8th, we started an experiment in which we decided to compare the performance of different rebase tokens, hoping to find out which would be the best investments and perform the best during a longer period of time. Little did we know that the experiment would become a very negative experiment, and after 8 weeks, the best performing token that has been a part of the experiment since the start is HectorFinance (that investment is only down 57%).

In January, we made quite a lot of changes to the experiment and added some new protocols. On that list, we can find Invictus, REDACTED, FantOhm, and Exodia. They have only been a part of the experiment for three weeks, but even so, they have managed to be in solid minus (Invictus is down 42%, BTRFLY 49%, and FantOhm 47%).

But, let us forget about that for a second and take a look at the performance of the different rebase tokens in the last seven days. Last week, FantOhm was the best performing token, followed by HectorFinance, OlympusDAO, and some others. Below, you can see the performance of the different tokens in the last seven days in percent.

performance last seven days
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As you can see above, most of the tokens actually had positive growth in dollar value the last seven days. They are still in gigantic loss compared to the initial investment (see the chart below), but at least they have been moving in the right direction the last seven days.

The best performer

The best performer this last week was REDACTED. This might be strongly connected to the positive vibes of Ethereum and Bitcoin. There are, for sure, lots of people who are enthusiastic about REDACTED, and this truly is a DAO with a great use-case, so this is for sure one of the coins with the best potential out there.

Invictus running on Solana has also had a great week, together with Exodia. We should also mention Wonderland that has finally seen a green number (for the first time in a couple of weeks). Does this mean that TIME is back in business and that people have forgotten about Daniele Sesta, Sifu, and the others? It is hard to say, but we are curious to see how this will continue to grow or fall apart in the upcoming weeks.

HectorFinance has had a negative week, and so has Gyro Money and KlimaDAO (three of the best performing tokens last week). It is important to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint, so as you look at the chart below, you can still see that Hector is one of the best performers overall!

investment value since start

What do you think right now? Is this the end for the rebase tokens? Will they all die out, maybe with the exception of OHM, REDACTED, and HectorFinance? Or do you have another team that you believe in long-term?

We would love to hear your thoughts about the results!

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