Terrible week for all the rebase tokens -> Every single project in minus in the last seven days [April 27-May 4]

A new week has just passed and in the period between April 27th and May 4th, we have seen a truly terrible week for all the rebase tokens. It kind of takes us back a few months in time, to the days of the big Wonderland misery. That is when we last saw that every Read More

Hector Finance was the best performer in the last seven days and by far the best performer overall! (April 13-April 20 rebase token experiment report)

We have just finished yet another week with our rebase token experiment, and this time it has been a quite poor week for most of the tokens. Most importantly, OlympusDAO has had a rough week and declined more than 16% in value in the period between April 13th antd April 20th. Maybe just as surprising Read More

Bye SpartacusDAO – but it was a worthy finish!

SpartacusDAO was one of many rebase tokens that soared in November 2021. As a result, we decided to include SpartacusDAO in our rebase token experiment that started on December 8th. We spent $1000 buying SPA tokens that we later staked and we have been earning rewards with them ever since. But, in the midst of Read More

Every rebase token in loss in the last seven days (March 2nd – March 9th)

I feel depressed right now. Just writing this article feels depressing. In the last seven days, every single rebase token protocol included in our experiment ended up producing a loss in value. Not ONE single protocol managed to close the last seven days with a positive number. The worst of them all is KlimaDAO, a Read More

Stagnation among the rebase tokens (Results between February 9th and February 16th)

It is with great expectation every week that we wait for the Wednesday to arrive. What has happened with our rebase-token experiment since last week? Of course, we do have a feeling about what we will see, but it is always interesting to see the actual numbers and whether or not the different tokens have Read More