Is there such a thing as “the best VPN provider?”

best vpnIn our IP Address Guide we have published our article named “Best VPN providers in 2014”, and just like us, lots of other VPN sites also publish similar articles presenting which providers they believe to be the best VPN providers on the market. But, a question to be asked, is whether or not it is really possible to say that one provider is really the best?

In a way we believe there are providers on the market better than others, but to say that one provider is better than all others for all purposes, that is not really possible to say. Why? If you go to a grocery store and you want to buy the best tea available, which is the one to buy? It can be hard to say, because there are lots of other questions to be asked first, before you can give an accurate answer to the question. For example, do you want to a black tea or do you want a fruit tea, or maybe a green tea or a white tea? The customers answer to these questions will then give you a pinpoint in which direction you should go, and based on the answer, it will be easier to say which tea is probably the best available. However, just like you need more information concerning what tea the customer is interested in, to say which is the best tea available, we often need more information from the customer to say which VPN provider is the best available (for them).

Stuff that influence the “best VPN provider question”

  • We have written tons of articles in our IP Guide concerning how to get IP addresses in different nations. However, if you look up closely you will often see that we recommend different VPN providers in different nations. That is because based on speed tests and amount of IPs available it is not necessarily so that the VPN provider with the best speeds in the United Kingdom is the one with the best speeds and availability in Spain. And, it is not even sure that the VPN provider with the best results in the United Kingdom even has VPN servers in Spain, meaning that it makes things a bit more complicated.
  • A VPN provider can sometimes be compared to a day-night shopping mall, available throughout the entire day. Most of the day you can enjoy shopping without standing in lines, but during the most busy hours of the day, things may slow down a bit, and if you write a review based on that, you can complain about the slow service and long lines. However, another user who visited the shopping centre during a not so busy time of the day will write a review as well, fully praising the place and really happy about his experience.

As you can understand it is quite happy to say that “this is the best VPN provider on the market.” However, we have written such a list ourselves, and even though we believe it is impossible to say that one provider is the very best above all others, there are for sure some providers with far more positives than negatives available, based on our tests, user reviews, pricing and services. That is why you should not just go for the first and the best VPN provider you find on the market, but it is worth reading around just to make sure that you do not go for one of those really poor ones (yes, they do exist), but instead go for one with a nice refund policy, lots of servers and good speeds.

Good luck on your hunt for a good VPN provider, and do not forget to search around in the IP Guide for useful information, read about the different VPN providers listed here, and if you have any comment or feedback, please write a comment to this article!

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