Netflix to block VPN users?

Netflix to block VPNRecently I read the news telling that Netflix might follow in the footsteps of Hulu in blocking IP addresses known to be provided by VPN providers. There are probably millions of users worldwide using VPN to unblock Netflix all around the world, so this might have a big impact if they decide to actually block Netflix to VPN users.

At first it was kind of “scary” to read it, because we also use VPN exactly for the purpose of watching Netflix, and if they would actually go through with it, we are among the users that will be impacted. That is sad. However, there is another side of the coin, and that can be seen if you think about the story of HULU as well. Because, yes, the have gone through blocking tons of IP addresses, but still, with almost all the big VPN providers you can still watch HULU from abroad, even if they have gone through with the block.

At once after HULU blocked the VPN providers, most of the providers themselves told exactly what their users had to do in order for HULU still to work using their servers, and that is why you can still easily watch HULU from all across the world using a VPN.

So, in general it is no need to worry. For sure a block will make it harder and a bit more complicated to watch Netflix online from outside Netflix nations, but if you are eager to find a solution, then you will for sure be able to find one, and you can know for sure, that the VPN providers are much more eager than you to find a solution to this, because it is a lot of money in exactly this, providing a solution to people who want to watch Netflix from abroad.

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