Three ways to watch France – South Korea live online (FIFA World Cup 2019 opening match)

The FIFA World Cup will start tonight with a boom. The opening match will be between the hosts of the tournament France as they welcome South Korea to French soil. Most people expect France to win the match, but maybe South Korea will be able to surprise? Would you like to watch the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2019 online? Here you have three amazing ways to do so!

Are you a fan of football? You can find the full World Cup 2019 schedule and more information on the groups and the matches in the FIFA World Cup 2019 guide!

Get ready to watch France vs. South Korea online tonight!
Get ready to watch France vs. South Korea online tonight!

We are living in some amazing football days, and many of us look very much forward to the Nations League finals that will be played on Sunday as well. But, before we get that far several matches will be played in the World Cup for women, meaning that there will be some highlights coming up before that time. The instructions here will show you three ways to watch the FIFA World Cup 2019 online, not only the opening match between France and South Korea but also all the remaining matches of the tournament.

Three ways to watch France – South Korea online

Since this is a World Cup in football, all the large TV providers across the world will broadcast the event. Here you have three TV channels that will give you free access to their live streams of the FIFA World Cup matches online, including France vs. South Korea.

You can visit their respective websites and have it confirmed that they will broadcast the opening match, and also the other matches played during the FIFA World Cup online. But, there is a minor problem – the streams are only available to those inside the given nations. In other words, if you try to watch France vs. South Korea on NRK in Norway abroad, you will get an error message instead. So, what can you do about that?

Use ExpressVPN to watch the live streams from the FIFA World Cup

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider with servers in more than 100 nations worldwide. If you purchase a subscription to their service, you can freely connect to any of these servers. If you, for example, connect to a server in Hungary, you will be given a Hungarian IP address. The consequence will be that as you visit the M4 live stream, you will be able to stream the content available, even though you might be somewhere else.

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If you connect to a server in England and later visit BBC iPlayer, you will be able to stream the content there, even though you might be somewhere completely different. To see an example of how ExpressVPN will help you stream the BBC iPlayer abroad, check the following YouTube video.

Should you rather connect to a server in Norway, you can then visit and watch the programs on demand, and of course, the live stream showing tonight’s match online.

If you purchase a VPN subscription only to discover that you do not need it or like it, they have a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that you are protected for one entire month if you should want to ask for a refund. You can later use your subscription to watch Netflix in several nations and so much more!

A video showing how this works in real life if you want to stream the match online

Some more TV channels broadcasting France – South Korea online

Would you rather watch the opening match and the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony at some other channel? If you have an ExpressVPN subscription, you can also watch the match on NPO in the Netherlands and at TF1 in France. Simply connect to a server in the nation of the TV channel and you will get access to the live stream.

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