Convert your small balances on Binance to BNB tokens

Have you ever been annoyed by your small balances at Binance with which you can do nothing? You are not allowed to trade them, and they are just in the way as you check out your balances. Now you can turn your small balances into BNB tokens at Binance.

small balances binance

If you visit Binance and decide to check your balances, you will now see a new text above your balances. If you notice the “Convert to BNB” button, then that is the solution to your small balances. If you want to convert your small balances into BNB, press the button and you will be forwarded to a new site.

If you press the button, you will see site looking something like this (depending on which currencies you own):

Here I can convert small balances to BNB on Binance
Here I can convert small balances to BNB on Binance

You can easily select which currencies you want to convert, and when you are finished press “Exchange.” You will then get a final confirmation window before you get rid of your small balances, and become the happy owner of BNB token(s) instead.

I am really happy about this “upgrade”, and it makes me believe that lots of people will use this to get rid of small balances and be the happy owners of more BNB tokens instead.

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