UK Readers: This is how to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid online

On December 3rd it is time for El Classico, the match of the year in Spanish football as Barcelona will receive Real Madrid at Nou Camp. This is how our UK readers can watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid online!

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at Nou Camp on December 3rd will be of great importance to the Spanish football. Not only because it is the two most popular teams playing against one another, but it is also the teams placed first and second in La Liga at the moment. But, for some reason Barcelona has had a hard time winning matches lately and thus Real Madrid currently has a six point lead in La Liga at the moment. That is quite a lot, and if they should manage to beat FC Barcelona, that will become a nine point difference. As you understand this match will be important. But, due to the fact that the match will start at 16.15 it will not be broadcasted on UK TV. So, what can you do if you want to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid online on December 3rd in the UK?

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Watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid online

If you want to watch the match then the very best way to do so is:

  • Watch it on Fubo TV in the USA.
  • Watch it on beIN Sports in the USA
  • Watch it on Dazn in Germany

Now these are all working methods, but if you do not have a German payment card, then the American versions are by far the best. And to get access to both beIN Sports and Fubo you just sign up for Fubo TV and you are good to go and ready to watch both of them. Wonder how it is done? We have already written a guide telling you how to watch Fubo TV online, so press the link to find out. You can also find out more on how you can watch beIN Sports online in the linked article.

Which team will win, Barcelona or Real Madrid?

We do believe that Barcelona will get back in the game again and win this match against Real Madrid. They might have been unlucky in several matches in a row, but once they see Ronaldo and Pepe amongst their opponents the fire will be lit in their hearts and they will play amazing football like never before. That is at least our guess.

What do you think? Will Barcelona be able to beat Real Madrid? Where are you going to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid online?

Why is it hard to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid in the UK?

There is a rule saying that they are not allowed to broadcast football matches from other leagues in the time period  in which this match is played. For this reason UK viewers will have to find online solutions as to where to stream the match online.

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