How to use ExpressVPN on an Android phone?

If you want to use ExpressVPN on an Android phone, it is really not much work for you to do. It is incredibly easy, and all you in fact need is to visit Play Store and search for ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN android AppOnce you have searched for ExpressVPN you will find their Android App easily. Just download the app and install it.

When you have installed the VPN applet from ExpressVPN just add your username and password and connect to whatever server you would like to. Your phone might ask you if you want to give permission to the applet to connect to a VPN, and if such a message should come the answer is of course yes!

Notice that the ExpressVPN applet require a subscription to ExpressVPN, so you need to have that in order before download the applet. You can of course fix it afterwards, but it works much smoother if you fix with the subscription before you get hold of the applet.

If you for some reason want to setup the VPN connection the hard way, manually, without using the ExpressVPN Applet, you can read our instructions for how to setup a VPN on an Android telephone here (the instructions in that article is based on HideMyAss, but the principles are the same, you just need to get the respective information from ExpressVPN and do exactly the same steps).

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