What to do with IsoHunt gone?

Maybe you have heard the news? Yes, it is true… IsoHunt is gone, it is history. The news came with a boom some days back, and if you try to visit IsoHunt.com now, you will find that the site is gone and is never to come back up again. With millions of users this has been one of the biggest Torrent portals online, but now it is gone. What to do now?

What to do now when IsoHunt is gone?

Most people have used IsoHunt to download films, TV shows, music and similar content. Maybe you feel sad, but luckily there are tons of other ways to watch your favorite TV shows, even without IsoHunt. And even better, you can watch them legally online, without even downloading. And admit it, it feels better to watch How I Met Your Mother, Elementary, NCIS and similar TV series legally than downloading them. How can this be done?

Watch legally instead of download illegally

Maybe you did not know it, but the TV channel CBS has most of their TV shows available for you to watch on their website. Just go ahead and visit CBS.com and you will find all those cool TV series available. If you live in the USA you can simply pick the program you would like to watch and watch the latest episodes all available online. If you live outside USA you will be blocked by a geo block, but luckily VPN connections make such regulations easy to bypass and thus you can watch all the programs available on the website on CBS. This is fully legal and works great!

If you live in Europe the best way of watching CBS and other American TV channels online is to use the VPN services of HideMyAss (read our review here). Especially since they recently started with virtual servers in Europe, giving you an American IP address, which means that you will get awesome speeds, ensuring that you can watch your favorite program and show in high quality online.

So instead of downloading and sharing TV shows illegally online, do it the legal way by watching TV channels such as NBC, CBS and so on!

Watch the best films legally online with Netflix

If you want to watch films, then why not get a subscription to Netflix, HULU or some similar film and TV show database instead. This also works great using a VPN, if you live in a nation where Netflix or HULU is not originally supported. On Netflix you can find tons of films, both new and old, together with children films, TV shows, documentaries and other content. Considering the amount of quality you get, it isn’t expensive at all. And neither is the VPN subscription you need to get a VPN address in nations such as USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or so to get an IP in a nation where Netflix is supported.

You might say that it takes a while before the newest films arrives on Netflix. Yes, it is true, but at least you can enjoy them in the best quality, without having people jumping into the picture suffering from camcorders used in cinemas around the world!

There is a life after IsoHunt

So yes, there is a life after IsoHunt, and I do not believe that the road leads toward other similar sites (Torrent sites), but towards cleaner and better ways of watching the same stuff, legally, online!

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “What to do with IsoHunt gone?

  1. RATAN PODDAR says:

    I feel the same way. When there are so many channels running 24 hours then why the temptations.
    Kill the temptation.
    Take drive out and I swear, you will feel much better than in a screwed up 15 – 21 inch screen.
    The screen size is mind bogling infinite inch x infinite inch.
    Please support this movement to take young ones to travel and sports.
    Don’t remain trapped indoors.

    Best regards,

  2. alan mcmaster says:

    There is no other option is Australia but to download illegal tv series or wait a year. Blocked from all US sites without a VPN

  3. Derek says:

    “Watch legally instead of download illegally”… ” If you live outside USA you will be blocked by a geo block, but luckily VPN connections make such regulations easy to bypass”

    FAIL – That would then make you be illegally watching

  4. Toni B. Production says:

    how sad!!! isohunt gone forever? i nearly shed a tear. but lets get serious, i was hoping to get a bit of useful information out of this page rather than telling people what they already know. where can u download the good stuff, i am a dj who was actively downloading rare songs thant isohunt would provide for me regularly. so if u could please give us something to work with? i know a few people using netflix and cbs and they find their options quite limited. cheers

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Well, it is understandable that you, and thousands of others reading this article want some more answers. I read that today a site that archived quite a lot of IsoHunt before it went down was opened. It can be found at http://isohunt.to/ so you guys can at least try to visit it, and if you have tried it, feel free to share your thoughts on the site. 🙂

      • alina says:

        Oh!!! thank you so much for that link! yes i know we need all to become honest and watch ligal but its so hard to say “no” !

  5. Sancho says:

    Yes, I agree with the fact that it feels better to watch legal videos, but what does one do when looking for antiquated series that haven’t been on the air for over 18 years? There’s no service that provides that unfortunately.

    Try looking for Hangin with Mr Cooper or Dinosaurs original TMNT, or anything not made from before the 90’s – you will not find a site that legally hosts any of these episodes.

    So my question is: Why hasn’t someone already made/pioneered a site streaming old movies and series?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I guess it could be hard to pioneer, because less money in it, fewer people interested, so this would be more like a charity than a get-rich project, or maybe I am entirely wrong?? Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!!

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