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How a VPN can make Netflix faster!

slow netflixOne of the popular articles here in our IP Address Guide, is the article on why my Internet connection turns so slow after using a VPN. That is why it can seem quite strange when we start speaking about how a VPN can make Netflix faster, but it is true, it can in fact increase the quality and the speed of Netflix for quite a lot of people.

How come? This is not true for everyone, but in some nations the Internet Service Providers actually put some limitations on their users, and in a way decide what kind of Internet traffic they support, and what kind of Internet traffic they do not really like. And to stop their users and subscribers from using a lot of bandwidth, they put traffic limitations on their users on traffic coming from In other words, you might have a bandwidth allowing you download speeds at 10mb per second, and when downloading a program from it works, but as soon as your ISP recognizes traffic from they slow down your connection, allowed you a speed of only 1mb per second. This is not very common in Europe, but in the United States this is very common. And that is when you can experience the fact that a VPN will in fact increase the speed of your Internet Connection when trying to watch Netflix.

How a VPN can make Netflix faster!

When using a VPN your ISP will no longer be able to see and control your web-traffic. In other words, they do not know what websites you are visiting and in that way it becomes impossible for them to increase or decrease your speed based on what sites you visit, since they do not know it as your Internet connection is encrypted since you are using a VPN. So, the next time you visit Netflix it will not drop in speed anymore, but because of the VPN you can freely enjoy it at the speed provided by the VPN server you are connected to. It is really useful, and it can make it much more enjoyable to watch Netflix at once. Check it out yourself, and if you have feedback or comments, just write it!

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