How to get a Syrian IP address?

Syria IPDo you want to get yourself a Syrian IP address? Or are you in Syria and you look for a VPN provider with servers in Syria? The answer is here, because not long ago HideMyAss just got a server in Syria, meaning that you now have the possibility to get yourself a Syrian IP address from all across the world.

Maybe you need a Syrian IP address to see some geographically blocked content online, or maybe read some. Or maybe you are in Syria and you want to encrypt your Internet connection, so that people will not be able to see what you are doing online, what Internet sites you are visiting (if that is the goal, make sure to delete the cache in your web browser and history as well) and just as much get the chance to visit sites and social media services that can at times be blocked and limited. Well, the solution is here, and the name of the VPN provider which can help you is HideMyAss.

If your goal is to bypass blocks of certain sites and services in Syria, then you need to use HideMyAss to get an IP address in another nation where those services are not blocked. If you for example connect to an Italian server you will get an Italian IP address, and then you can visit all social media sites freely.


If you live outside Syria, but need a Syrian IP address to get hold of some special content, then you connect to the HideMyAss server in Syria, and you will get your local IP address there within a very short time.

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