EarthVPN review

EarthVPN is a really interesting VPN solution and for sure one of the cheapest out there on the market. We have tested it, so keep on reading for more information about EarthVPN in this review.

EarthVPN currnetly has servers in 32 nations and that makes it a quite big VPN provider, providing more nations than providers such as PureVPN. Their website has a nice and clean design and is very easy to use! Once you make a subscription you can either manually add configuration to your Windows computer, tablet or iPad, or you can download the program file for the EarthVPN client, which is extremely easy to use. We therefore recommend the client to EarthVPN users who wants things to work out easily and rapidly.

EarthVPN servers

As we mentioned EarthVPN has servers in 32 countries and 52 locations, and the nations represented are as follows::
USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, New Zealand, Luxemburg, Russia, Japan, Singapore, India, China, Panama, Romania, Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Ukraine

Map showing EarthVPN servers
Map showing EarthVPN servers

EarthVPN speeds

We have connected ourselves to EarthVPN servers in all nations available making speed tests, and the results were in general very promising. In several nations we got download speeds higher than 20Mbps, while in some nations the speeds where quite poor and around 1Mbps or less. In many cases the distance between our location and the server we connected to might influence the actual download speed, but since we have received higher speeds with other VPN providers in the same nation, it can not be said that the distance is the only factor giving the poor speed. However, in general the EarthVPN speeds were good, so not worse than any other provider out there, and in many cases they in fact score better when it comes to download speeds than most other VPN providers out there!

EarthVPN – technical stuff

EarthVPN clientFor some people privacy is the main reason for picking a VPN provider. EarthVPN is one of those providers who guarantee you 100% safety and that is also shown in the fact that they do not log any activity done by their users. Users are welcome to use PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols.

EarthVPN prices

EarthVPN has a price policy that is very easy to understand. The monthy fee is 4USD and if you sign up for a year the price is 40USD. They do not have any bandwidth limits and with the subscription you are allowed to connect to all their servers worldwide.

EarthVPN review conclusion

Based on the fact that this is one of the cheapest VPN providers out there and the fact that they have great speeds in most of their nations, EarthVPN is a VPN provider that can warmly be recommended. They have a 7-day money back guarantee, so feel free to try it, and if you find yourself to be unsatisfied with the speeds, then ask for the money back and go find yourself another VPN provider.

Ready to try it yourself? Press the EarthVPN button and visit the EarthVPN page. If you have tried it, why not share your thoughts as you write a comment further down!

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