How to get a Belgian IP address?

Belgian IP addressIf you have been to Belgium you have for sure tested the legendary Belgian chocolate and waffles. Maybe you have even tasted the Belgian beer. But, if you want to virtually reside in Belgian, you need a Belgian IP address. This article will tell you how to get one!

Belgium is one of the three Benelux nations and almost all VPN providers out there have servers in the Netherlands, making it very easy to get a Dutch IP address. However, few VPN providers have servers in Belgium, making it a bit harder to find those providing IP addresses in Belgium, but we have found it for you.

[stextbox id=”info”]A VPN provider is someone providing a server in Belgium to which you can connect. Once connected your Internet traffic will be encrypted and all your traffic on the Internet will seem to originate from Belgium, meaning that you surf the Internet with an IP address in Belgium.[/stextbox]

Why do I need an IP address in Belgium

There are different reasons why you might need an IP address in Belgium. The most common reason for needing exactly an IP in Belgium is a geo block. A geographical block is something that makes certain websites or content available only to people with an IP address in a special region or nation. TV channels often use this to make content available to people inside that actual nation, so many people use a VPN connection to get a local IP in Belgium and once connected they are able to see and enjoy all geo blocked material such as TV shows, Netflix and so on.

Best VPN services providing a Belgian IP address

We have tested more than 10 different VPN services and only four of those have servers in Belgium. We therefore tested those four services and checked out what kind of download speeds they provided in Belgium. Here are the results:

VPN speeds in Belgium

Vpn4All: 6Mbps, 2Mbps
EarthVPN: 20Mbps
Overplay: 1Mbps
HideMyAss: 0,5Mbps / 1,5Mbos

As you can see EarthVPN gives by far the best download speeds, and you should probably be pleased to hear that they are the cheapest VPN provider out there. You should therefore visit their website right away, make a subscription, download their client and connect to their server in Belgium. If you do so, you should be able to surf the Internet with a Belgian IP address in 5 minutes from now. If you want to read our EarthVPN review before continuing, just press the link.

EarthVPN website

[stextbox id=”info”]It is good to know that EarthVPN and most other VPN providers have money back guarantees, meaning that if you are not satisfied with their services and tell them within 7 days (normally), they will give you the money back.[/stextbox]

If you have further input on the topic of getting a Belgian IP address, or maybe you know of other VPN providers who offer an IP in Belgium, feel free to write a comment.

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