Be careful with negative comments on VPN reviews

VPN reviewsWe all love reviews. Here in the IP Address Guide we love writing them to share our experiences with our visitors and readers, and as we try products elsewhere, we love sharing our thoughts and experiences writing comments. But, there is one thing that you as a reader should know and that you should be careful about, and that is believing all negative comments on VPN reviews online.

Recently we read a comment someone made to a PureVPN review (not our PureVPN review). It simply warned everyone from using their services and claimed that PureVPN was a scam only out there to steal and take your money. In addition the writer of the comment claimed that they had bought four subscription so that everyone in the family could use it at the same time.

This is just one example, and you can find similar bad comments written by users worldwide on whatever VPN provider available. However, there is something that you should be aware of before digesting and believing every single word from such reviews.

Watch our for this when reading negative comments on VPN providers

  • It might in fact be true what you are reading, but read some more comments and user experiences first.
  • The Internet is a “small world.” When someone has a bad experience they often write one comment and post it to all reviews of the VPN provider they can find on the Internet, on different sites. So, one disappointed user will post their negative comment often to 20 sites at the same time. If one provider has ten users like that it will look terrible to you as a reader, but it might be that the same VPN provider actually has thousands of happy users, but all you can find are those people who had a bad experience and post it wherever they can on the Internet.
  • Often VPN providers will refund money, but it takes up to 30 days before the refund takes place. Most people are very eager to get their money back, but when they do not get their money back within the first 5 days, they start posting bad reviews and comments, claiming that the provider is a scam, when the only truth is that they are inpatient. As they later get their money back they of course forget to go back and visit all 20 blogs to which they posted their negative comments, leaving only the negative comments online.
  • Users often forget to read through the guidelines concerning refund policy, so they watch two films on Netflix and then find out that they are not satisfied with the VPN service, however, they have passed the bandwidth limit of the VPN provider (most providers have a limit between 500 MB and 10 GB), and if you use more than that, you no longer qualify for a refund. Make sure to look into this before signing up with a VPN provider.
  • Read through what is included in the package before signing up. Like in the example comment above the user said he bought 4 subscription, but why buy four subscriptions with PureVPN to your family, when you can use ONE subscription alone on 5 devices simultaneously, meaning that one subscription would be more than enough. Make sure to look through such information before signing up, that will save you both time and energy!

These are just some things to consider and keep in your mind as you read negative comments to VPN providers online. Just as much you should of course be aware of the fact that there are quite a lot of positive comments as well written by people really working for the VPN providers, so use common sense and good luck in finding a VPN provider that you like and that you would like to recommend to the rest of the world.

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