VyprVPN with new packages and prices

Just yesterday VyprVPN made some changes to their website and to their product. They now only have two packages to choose between, and the pricing has been made much easier!

In today’s world it is very important to make things easy. People are in a hurry, and they do not want to spend plus minutes reading through detailed instructions, and trying to understand which product to choose. That is why the recent changes made by VyprVPN will serve as a great help for people visiting their website. In the Internet language one often speak of a bounce rate, the amount of people visiting your page, who bounce back to where they came from. The longer time a visitor spend at your website, the better it is. And guess what, we believe that making things easier will make users stay longer at the VyprVPN website, and thus more people will subscribe to their services (instead of signing up for some other VPN service instead).

vyprvpn update

What changes has VyprVPN made?

They haven’t made very big changes, but they are very important. Now they only have two packages available (instead of three), and the differences between the packages are minimal. Most people will find the basic package to be more than enough, but those who know exactly why they need a VPN, will also know if they actually need the Premium package. If you do not know anything about the difference between the packages, and you do not understand the difference as you visit the VyprVPN website, then you can for sure know that the cheaper package is more than enough for you.


Due to this upgrade we have also updated our VyprVPN review, so take a look at that if you want to know more about VyprVPN and what we think about their VPN services.

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