Watch 24: Live Another Day online on FOX website from all across the world

Tonight, in only a few hours, 24 and Jack Bauer is coming back to our screens. This time the action takes place in London and hundreds of thousands of 24 fans have been waiting for this for a long time. So, how can you watch the new 24 episodes online, legally?

24 live online
Watching 24: Live Another Day online using this strategy described in this article

Based on experience and our knowledge, the episodes will be made available on the FOX website for a limited amount of time after original air date. In other words you can simply visit the FOX website and watch the 24: Live Another Day episodes there for a good while after the episodes have been aired. There is though one problem, and that is if you are located outside the United States. If you visit the FOX website and try to watch from abroad, from outside USA, you will be blocked and the content is unavailable to you.

[stextbox id=”update”]The first episode of 24: Live Another Day can now be seen online at the Fox website using this method! Enjoy the action and Jack Bauer at his best! Be aware of the fact that new episodes are only available for 5 days in total.[/stextbox]

So, to bypass such regulations the best way currently, and also the cheapest, is to sign up for a 12 month subscription with the VPN provider PureVPN. They will give you a US IP address at once, and once you have such an IP address, you can easily watch all content available at the FOX website from all across the world. That is what we are going to do, and at the top of the article you can even see a screenshot taken by us as we watched the opening episode of the 24: Live Another Day season (24 Seasons 9).

24 live Another Day online
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24: live Another Day in the UK

In the UK Sky1 will broadcast the new 24 season, so if you have a valid SKY subscription, you can watch it online there as well! If you want to know more about watching SKY from abroad, you can read about the topic here. The premiere on UK TV will only be a few hours after the USA premiere, so will not really need to wait anything at all for this to start!

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