Watch Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3 online!

Back to the Future onlineFeel like watching a real classic tonight? More in the mood for fun and comedy than watching Indiana Jones or maybe Star Wars? Why not watch the Back to the Future trilogy, and why not watch it online?

If you would like to watch Back to the Future 1, Back to the Future 2 or maybe Back to the Future 3, or maybe all three of them, then you can do so easily online now, because they are all available at as Instant Videos. And, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can in fact watch them for free online as they are available for free online to all Amazon Prime subscribers!

In Back to the Future you can follow Marty McFly, a guy coming from a special family, but who has an even more special friend in Doc, a crazy professor who seems to have found out how to travel in time. And that is the basic story of the Back to the Future films, but it is so well made and such a classic, that you simply have to watch it. And, the way all three films are working together is simply amazing and in the way an action in the past will influence the present in which we live right now. So, if you want to watch Back to the Future right now on your mobile, tablet or computer, just visit

If you want to watch these films on, but you are located outside the United States then we recommend that you read our previously written article on how to watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad.

If that guide will not give you enough answers or help you out, then there is a site dedicated on telling you how to watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad, how to get a Prime subscription outside the US and how to get it working on your different devices, so if you want more information then just visit the following site.

Enjoy watching Back to the Future and if you are just as big fan of these films as we are, write a comment and let us now!



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