Is STEPN the cheapest fitness subscription you can get in 2024 that even pays you for exercising?

Are you looking for a way to live healthy and to exercise regularly in 2024? Have you heard about STEPN and now you wonder whether it is worth the money and whether or not it will help you or not? This article is written by someone who has been using STEPN almost daily for more than two years, so I consider myself to be one who has some insight into the topic. Is it worth it?

First of all, STEPN is not for all sorts of exercising. There are other applications and crypto-projects that try to reward you for all kinds of exercising, including running on tread-mills, using an elliptical trainer, swimming, or even doing push-ups and other muscle training. That is not what STEPN does. STEPN is for those who want to exercise by moving outdoors, either by walking or jogging. If you don’t fit into that description, you can forget about STEPN as it will be of no use to you. If your goal, however, is to spend time out in the free, walking or running, then STEPN Is worth considering. Is it a good solution in 2024? How much of an investment is needed to get started? Is STEPN a way to get rich, or does it only serve as a motivation boost to get you out?

stepn in 2024

How much does it cost to use STEPN in 2024?

It is free to use STEPN, but you need to own sneakers to actually exercise with the application and to be rewarded for doing so. The number of sneakers will influence how much energy you get within the application, which again impacts how many minutes of daily exercise you will be rewarded for. The maximum number of minutes is 100 minutes for which 20 Energy is needed, for which you need to have 30 sneakers in your inventory. The minimum number of sneakers is 1, for which you get 2 Energy daily which is enough to be rewarded for 10 minutes of exercise.

Let us say that you want to start slowly, and decide to buy three sneakers for which you will get 20 minutes of exercise time daily (for which you receive rewards).

The price per sneaker is approximately 130 GMT. The price of one GMT is $0.26. As of January 2024, the price of one (standard) sneaker is about $30. If you buy three of those, the price is still less than $100 and you now have all you need to exercise twenty minutes per day with STEPN. As you buy these sneakers, they will be yours forever, so you don’t need to spend more ever (unless you want to buy more sneakers to get more exercise time).

There are lots of things worth paying attention to as you buy your sneakers. You should buy one that is the sneaker you will actually use (and it should be the best of the sneakers), but the others which you only buy to get more energy, can be the cheapest existing in the STEPN store.

The maximum level of a sneaker is 30, while the minimum is 1. The price difference between a level 1 and a level 30 sneaker isn’t necessarily that big, but the rewards you receive might differ a lot, so it is worth looking around and maybe spend a little bit more at the sneaker you plan on using than the others.

What’s next? You start to exercise, and as you move, you will earn GST tokens. How much you will earn greatly depends on the level of your sneaker, but you will most likely earn somewhere between 20 and 50 GST per day if you have 20 minutes of exercise available.

If you earn 30 GST per day, it equals about $0.3. If you do this for 100 days, it is $30. Of course, there are other costs involved, as you need to repair your shoe on a daily base (resilience), but this doesn’t normally cost a lot, so you don’t need to consider this. What is more costly is the health score of your sneaker which must be repaired using the red gems. This is quite costly, and it will require a good part of your profit to repair the sneaker you use.

These are just some basic and average numbers. If you buy a better sneaker (not a common, but an uncommon, or rare), you will have a higher initial cost, but you will earn much more, and the rate at which your health points decline is slower. In other words, the better your main sneaker is, the more profit (but it also involves a higher initial cost).

You can sell your sneakers later…

If you buy a fitness subscription for a year, then it will completely lose its value in one year. If you buy a sneaker in STEPN, it is yours until you sell it. In other words, you can sell your sneakers at any time and, if you are lucky, they have increased in value, but if you are unlucky, then they have lost value. No matter what, they will always be worth something, so it isn’t money completely lost.

If you also add the fact that you earn some GST along the way, and you have a daily motivation to exercise, I would definitely say that STEPN is a good investment. Of course, it is free to run outside, so you don’t really need STEPN for this purpose. In the same way, it is free to lift bricks and do muscle exercises at home, but many need that gym subscription to actually do the job. In other words, STEPN comes with a boost that will help you do as planned, and it isn’t that expensive if you just need some help to get started.

Should I use STEPN in 2024?

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, want to get an additional inspiration to go for a walk or run on a daily basis, STEPN has definitely given me a boost. Honestly, I don’t think so much about profit anymore (I am still in a loss if I compare my initial investment with how much I have earned), but if I take into consideration the fact that STEPN has taken me out and made me walk or run more than 2000km in total, I am very grateful to the application no matter if I am in profit or not.

What do you think? Do you have any questions or comments?

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