Watch Bulgaria – Denmark live on the Internet on March 26th

Bulgaria Denmark live online on March 26thIt is time for World Cup qualifier matches and on March 26th Bulgaria will play against Denmark in Bulgaria. If you can not be there yourself it is still possible to see the match online on the Internet.

If you reside inside Bulgaria you can watch the live stream on BT1. However if you live outside of Bulgaria you will not be able to see the live stream due to a geo-block. We tried to fix it earlier and used HideMyAss, but to our amazement HideMyAss did not work in this situation. It might be that the TV channel has blocked the IP addresses given by HideMyAss or something, but at least it did not work. But, there are other ways of getting an IP address in Bulgaria out there, and Overplay is another VPN service offering such IP addresses. We just tried it and below you can see the screenshot as we watch BT1 online from outside of Bulgaria with Overplay.

BT1 live from outside Bulgaria
Watch BT live stream – Bulgarian TV – from outside Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Denmark

The World Cup qualifier match on March 26th between Bulgaria and Denmark will be broadcasted on BT1, so if you want to see it, head over to Overplay, make a subscription for their VPN service and watch the match together with us tomorrow evening. Once you have made a subscription you can easily download their software, and once downloaded connect to the server in Bulgaria and you are ready to go.

Do not forget that this service is not only good if you want to get an IP address in Bulgaria, but you can also use it to get IP addresses in lots of other countries, meaning that you can watch TV programs elsewhere in the world and surf the net encrypted, thus protecting your data, passwords and so on in open networks.


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