How to watch Arsenal – Bayern Munich online?

On February 19th two of the best teams in Europe will fight for the victory as Arsenal face Bayern Munich on home grass at the Emirates Stadium in London. This will for sure be one of the highlights of this round in the Champions League. Do you want to watch the match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich online? Find out how!

The match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich (Bayern M√ľnchen) will be broadcasted on the German TV channel ZDF. They have a wonderfully working live stream so just visit that to watch the match.

Champions League
Watch Champions League match between Arsenal and Bayern Munchen online!

If you try to watch the stream from outside Germany you will get an error message due to your geographical location (as the stream is only available to Germans). If that is so, use IPVanish to get yourself a German IP address and watch the match between Arsenal – Bayern Munich from all over the world. It is really easy. This is the same method that thousands of people have used lately to watch the Winter Olympics online, so if you make a simple subscription to IPVanish you can also use it to watch Winter Olympics and other cool stuff online, easily and for free.IPVanish

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Which team will win the match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich? We do not really know, but at times it feels kind of boring because Bayern Munich seems to win everything all the time, so for the sake of change it could be cool with a victory for Arsenal in this game, but let us first of all hope for a good and fair play game with lots of chances, goals and cool situations.

Watch Champions League and World Cup 2014

If you are a big fan of football, stay prepared for the big event of the year… World Cup in Rio! We have already written an article on how to watch the World Cup live online, so with for example a IPVanish subscription you can be well prepared for lots of cool hours in front of your computer, tablet or phone not only watching the Champions League match between Arsenal and Bayern on February 19th, but also watching the World Cup 2014 online!

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