How to watch Channel 1 Russia from outside Russia?

Channel 1 in Russia is one of the leading channels in the nation, and they have a wonderful website where you can see a combination of clips, programs and live streams. Many people want to check out this content while abroad on holidays or maybe while studying abroad for some years, but that is when they experience a problem, it is not possible. A lot of the content on Channel 1 is only available to people located in Russia.

As we tried to watch Channel 1 from outside Russia we got an error message that looked very similar to this:

Pervyi Kanal from abroad
Error message when watching Pervyi Kanal from abroad

This is a common problem, and if you try to watch Russia 1 or some other Russian channel from abroad, you will bump into the same problem. Luckily the solution is nearby and very easy to find. To bypass these limitations and blocks, you will need to get yourself an IP address in Russia, and the best way of getting such an IP address is to use a VPN provider named VyprVPN. They have servers in almost 40 nations worldwide, and as you connect to one of their servers you will encrypt your online activity, and in addition you will be provided a new IP address by the server you connect to. The result is therefore that if you connect to a VyprVPN server in Sweden you will receive a Swedish IP address, and if you connect to a VyprVPN server in Russia, you will get yourself a Russian IP address.


This subscription can also be useful for so much more than watching Channel 1 from abroad. If you have a VyprVPN subscription you can also use it to watch Netflix from abroad and so many other things.

Watching Первый канал from abroad

If you use this strategy you will be able to watch Channel One from abroad, just take a look at the screenshot we made watching the channel from outside Russia using the described VPN connection.

Channel 1 in Russia from abroad
We are watching Channel 1 in Russia from outside Russia

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