How to watch VGTRK from outside Russia?

VGTRK from abroadVGTRK is the state operated Russian TV, and its full name is All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. In Russian the full name is “Всероссийская государственная телевизионная и радиовещательная компания.”

Among the channels in the VGTRK network you can find Russia 1, Russia 2, Russia 24, Russia K, Sport and lots of other channels. If you try to watch these channels online it will mostly work very good, but there are quite a lot of shows that are only available to people located in Russia, in other words they are blocked to people who do not have a Russian IP address. So, if you are located outside Russia and would like to see a TV program, a live stream or some show on Russia 1 or one of the other VGTRK channels and get an error message telling you that it is not available at your current location (see screenshot), then the solution is to get yourself a Russian IP address. and the best way to get one is by subscribing to the VPN services of the VPN provider VyprVPN.

Watch Russia 1 from abroad
Error message if you try to watch the channels from abroad

To get rid of the following message you will need to subscribe to VyprVPN, download their client and connect to a server in Russia. Once you have done so you can restart your browser and visit the Russia 1 live stream, or the site on which the program you are interested in is located, and you will be able to watch it online from outside Russia at once.VyprVPN

The cheapest package available from VyprVPN is more than enough for those who want to watch VGTRK from abroad. In addition VyprVPN has a three day trial policy, meaning that you give payment details upon registration, but they will only withdraw money from your account after three days (meaning that if you cancel your subscription within three days, you will not pay anything at all).

Hope you have enjoyed this article, and enjoying watching Russian TV from outside Russia!


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