Watch Dortmund vs Liverpool online

Are you in the mood to watch Liverpool vs Dortmund online? Curious if Jurgen Klopp can beat his former team Dortmund? Watch Liverpool vs Dortmund online!

The first match between Dortmund and Liverpool on April 7th ended with 1-1. On April 14th the return match will be played at Anfield Road in Liverpool and Dortmund needs a goal to get on to the next round. How will it end? Want to watch the match online?

watch dortmund vs liverpool online

Watch Liverpool vs Dortmund online

If you want to watch Liverpool vs Dortmund online then you will need to get yourself a Swiss IP address, something that you can get easily using the VPN services of either IPVanish or HideMyAss.


Click any of the buttons above and sign up for their services. They both have clients for Windows, iOS and Android. When you have this in order connect to a server in Switzerland which will give you a Swiss IP address with which you can watch SRF in Swizterland from abroad easily.

  • The live stream can be found right here where you can watch Dortmund vs Liverpool online: live stream

If you try to watch it without a Swiss IP address you will get an error message, but if you follow these instructions you can watch this match easily. And in addition you can also use the VPN subscription later to watch Euro 2016 online, you can watch Champions League matches and so much more, so do not hesitate, but get started and get ready to watch the Europea League match between Dortmund and Liverpool online on April 14th.

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