Now you can check your Internet speed again!

For a long time our Internet Speed test has not been working, simply because we did not notice before now that it did not work. But, we have just fixed it and now you can again test the speed of your Internet connection right here!

Check your Internet speed

It can sometimes be very interesting to check your actual Internet speed. That means, to check the download and uploads speed you actual enjoy or suffer from as you surf and use the Internet. Many use these tests to check the speed of their ISP and to check if they actually give you the speeds they have promised, while it is also frequently used to check out whether or not VPN providers provide good speeds, or if they will slow down your Internet connection heavily and make surfing the Internet unbearable.

Recently we wrote of Buffered VPN review and as we wrote there they had fantastic download speeds, and for the purpose of checking those download speeds we used the same engine that you can now use at our Internet Speed test here at

Have a wonderful day!

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