Watch England – USA online (World Cup 2019)

The first semifinal in the FIFA World Cup of 2019 will be played between England and USA on July 2nd, starting at 21.00 (CET). It will be an amazing match, and both teams have been superb so far in the tournament. But, only one of the teams will make it all the way to the final. Will it be England or will it be the United States?

Based on the FIFA ranking, the USA should be the best team on the pitch. But, we have seen it several times already during the World Cup that when the match has started, nobody really cares about FIFA ranking. That is how Sweden was capable of beating both Canada and Germany, and that is how the Netherlands have performed so well in the tournament as well.

where can i stream england vs USA online on july 2nd?
Will Lucy Bronze lead England to the final, or maybe towards a bronze medal instead?

The United States has impressed a lot, and even though they had to fight hard against France, they still managed to get to the semifinal. But, their upcoming match against England will for sure be their toughest so far in the tournament. England was nothing but impressive during their group stage, and they later kept up their impressive play against Cameroon and against Norway. But, neither of those opponents can be compared to the quality of the ladies from the States. So, this will be one amazing match, hopefully coming with quite a lot of goals and lots of action. But, will the USA get a quick goal in this match as well (like they have in all their other matches)? It would probably become way more interesting if England got a quick goal. Well, watch the match between England and the USA to find out all about this!

How to watch England vs USA online?

There are quite a lot of channels that will broadcast the match live online, and our basic recommendation is that you sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN which will give you access to lots of channels showing the match online.

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Once you have ExpressVPN, watch England vs USA live online at one of the following TV channels.

  • M4 in Hungary (connect to an ExpressVPN server in Hungary and visit
  • BBC in England (connect to a server in England and visit
    To get more info on how to watch BBC abroad with ExpressVPN, check this article.
  • NPO in the Netherlands (connect to a server in the Netherlands and visit
  • NRK in Norway (connect to a server in Norway and visit

These are just some of the free ways in which you can stream the semifinal in the FIFA World Cup 2019 between England and the United States online. For even more information about the tournament and a full schedule and more, check the following article:

Which team do you cheer for – England or the United States?

I would love to hear which nation you cheer for and also which nation you expect to win! I cheer for England personally, but I know that the USA have an extremely strong team, so I have my doubts… What do you think?

If you need any help streaming the match online, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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