Watch Suits season 9 on Netflix!

Suits season 9 is now on Netflix in full. Would you like to watch all the nine seasons of Suits on Netflix? How can you watch the final Suits season on Netflix?

Suits has been running for 8 seasons already, and it is one of the most popular TV series of our time. And yes, even though Meghan Markle left together with Mike after the seventh season, the creators have still managed to keep the show running, and we are all excited to see what they have in store for the final season of Suits, a season that will consist of 10 episodes in total.

where can I stream Suits season 9 on Netflix?
Get ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix – it’s gonna be hot!

How to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix?

Did you know that most Netflix regions will not even give you access to Suits season 8 yet? So, what am I speaking about saying that Suits season 9 can be streamed on Netflix straight away? Well, in the UK, Netflix is the official distributor of Suits, meaning that they will broadcast the episodes airing at the USA Network in the USA on Wednesdays, on Netflix in the UK on Fridays. That is nice to know, because Suits will come to an end with the final episode of Suits being added to UK Netflix on September 27th. If you want to watch Suits season 9 in its fullness on Netflix, keep on reading!

Since September 27th in 2019, the full Suits season 9 is now on Netflix! Enjoy!!

But, how can I watch Suits season 9 on UK Netflix if I live somewhere else?

To access English Netflix, you will have to use the VPN services of either NordVPN or ExpressVPN. These are the best two VPN providers for accessing different Netflix regions, and they will both give you easy access to English Netflix.

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To watch Suits season 9 on Netflix with NordVPN/ExpressVPN do as follows.

  • Click one of the buttons above and sign up for the service of the VPN provider you prefer.
  • Download their VPN client to your computer or mobile device.
  • Connect to a server in the UK.
  • Restart your browser or your Netflix application.
  • You will now see the content of UK Netflix and can stream Suits season 9 on Netflix immediately.

It is really easy, and you will be able to watch the brand new episodes straight after their release on Netflix in the UK. So, why wait for a year or more for the ninth season of Suits to come to your local Netflix region when you can access it and stream it immediately on Netflix in the UK?

Yes, Suits season 9 is now on Netflix - here you can see it!
Yes, Suits season 9 is now on Netflix – here you can see it!

Are you ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix?

If you have followed these instructions, you should be ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix immediately. As mentioned earlier, the new episodes will be added weekly to UK Netflix, every Saturday (three days after they aired on USA Network in the United States).

Katherine Heigl in Suits season 9
Katherine Heigl in Suits season 9

If you first have a VPN subscription…

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Will Mike Ross return to Suits in season 9?

There have been some rumors about Mike Ross returning to Suits in season 9, just to say hello, or who knows why. There have also been rumors about Meghan Markle returning to the screen, but nobody has confirmed those rumors. So, there might be a small chance of seeing Mike Ross again in season 9, but I would be very surprised if Meghan Markle suddenly would show up in a scene or not. I am not sure, but I guess there are some rules for royalty in England that makes sure that she cannot show up just like that and take part in a normal TV series. But, who knows.

Now that Suits season 9 is finished, we know the answers to both questions asked above. Mike Ross did return for the final season, and he took part in episode 5, 9 and 10. Meghan Markle didn’t return for any of the episodes, but we did get to remember some clips with her from the earlier seasons in the final episode of season 10. Rachel Zane was also referred to in some conversations in other episodes.

Watch Suits season 1-9 on Netflix!

You can now stream all nine seasons of Suits on Netflix. Get started and enjoy the ride. It is amazing to see how Gabriel Macht and the other characters have grown older with the nine seasons, and it can clearly be seen if you take a look at the characters in season 1 and then look at the same characters again in season 9 of the show. But, that is the way life treats us, so no surprise in that.

If you have any comments or questions related to streaming Suits season 9 on Netflix, write them down in the comment field and I will do my best to help you out and answer as quickly as possible!

2 thoughts on “Watch Suits season 9 on Netflix!

  1. Costumelooks says:

    Meghan Markle might have left Suits to take up her royal duties as the Duchess of Sussex, but that hasn’t spelt the end for the show, which has one more season remaining.

  2. Thomas Stein says:

    Wow, this was great! Suits season 9 finished with a boom, and even though it is sad to see that it is all over, it was definitely a nice experience. I am glad I watched the final season, and I am really satisfied with the way the series gave closure to it all!

    Every single episode of Suits is now on Netflix, so follow these instructions to stream it all!

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