Watch England vs New Zealand online (RWC 2019)

On October 26th, an amazing semi-final in the Rugby World Cup will be played. Where and how can you watch England vs New Zealand online for free? Can the Brits stand a chance against the nation that has won the last Rugby World Cups? This is how to stream England – New Zealand online if you are interested!

Before the quarter-finals in the Rugby World Cup, I was really looking forward to the match between Ireland and New Zealand. I thought it would be a close race, but instead, it turned into a slaughter. New Zealand played at a different level and Ireland didn’t stand a chance against the former champions. Will the same turn true for England? They impressed against Australia, but can they beat New Zealand? I have my clear doubts!

How to watch England – New Zealand online!

If you want to watch England play against New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup online on October 26th, you will need to use the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a brilliant VPN provider that will help you watch ITVPlayer in the UK abroad. If you didn’t know it already, ITV broadcasts every single match from the Rugby World Cup online, meaning that you can stream England vs New Zealand online on October 26th, and also the second semi-final between Wales and South Africa on October 27th.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

Click the button above to visit the PureVPN website and to sign up. They have an amazing Halloween discount available right now, making it even cheaper and better. You can use PureVPN to unblock ITV abroad, and also to watch Netflix in several countries (access lots of new movies and TV shows not available at your current location), and to unblock other streaming sites and TV networks online.

PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy, so if you do not like it, you can simply ask for your money back at any time within the 31-day limit.

Inside the PureVPN application, choose the streaming mode, select popular websites, and find ITV on the list. You will now connect to a PureVPN server working with ITV in the UK.

Unblocking ITV and the Rugby World Cup with PureVPN
Unblocking ITV and the Rugby World Cup with PureVPN

In Windows and on Macintosh, simply visit the ITV website and watch the free live streams there. You will have to create a free ITV user for this to work, but that is easy and can be done within seconds. Make sure to register with a ZIP code in the UK: SO143LN (is an example of a UK ZIP code).

For Android users, download the ITV Hub application manually and install it on your Android device. You can now watch the Rugby World Cup using PureVPN and the ITV application on your device.

iOS users with the ITV HUB already installed can just go ahead using PureVPN. If you do not have the ITV Hub application installed, you need to create a brand new (free) Apple ID registered with an address in the UK. When this is registered and finished, use this with your Apple Store, and download the ITV Hub application. After you have installed the ITV Hub application, you can return and use your “real” Apple ID instead.

For even more information on how to watch the World Cup online, visit

Which nation will you cheer for – New Zealand or England?

What do you believe before the match starts… can England stand a chance against New Zealand? I will cheer for England, simply because it is boring to see New Zealand win time after time. But, it is way more important for this match to be an amazing match.

Share your thoughts and expectations, I would love to hear from you!

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