Watch Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 online – Quick instructions!

Would you like to watch the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 online? Want to watch all the matches live from Russia? This is how you can watch all the action live online!

To watch all the matches from the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 live online you will need to get yourself an IP address in England. You might wonder why you need a UK IP address since England is not even playing in the tournament, and no people in England are interested in all. And yes, that is exactly where the answer is. Since nobody is interested YouTube has the rights to broadcast the event in England, meaning that you can watch all the matches from the Ice Hockey World Cup on YouTube, if you have a UK IP address.

  • Ice Hockey World Cup matches on YouTube

If you try to watch the matches live online without an IP address in the right nation you will get an error message looking something like this:

YouTube video unavailable from Hockey World Cup
If you try to watch the Ice Hockey World Championship on YouTube in the wrong nation!

That is not what you want to watch, but you want to watch the action from the matches instead, and to fix that this is what you need to do. First you need to get yourself a subscription to the VPN provider IPVanish.


This subscription will come very useful to you later, because in a month when the Euro 2016 starts you can use the same subscription to watch all the Euro 2016 live online.

As you have your IPVanish subscription in order you can simply download their client to Windows, Mac, iOS or Android and connect to a server in England. You are then ready to visit the IIHF YouTube channel and watch all the matches. Do not forget that you will need to restart your browser and then re-open the YouTube website to make sure this works.

Ice Hockey World Cup online
Waiting for a match in the ice hockey world cup to start!

Now you should be ready to watch all the action as well, live from Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you have any comments or questions just write a comment in the comment field beneath and we will do our best to reply within shortly if you should have any questions! May the best team win!

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