New TV series coming to CBS in the autumn 2016

CBS has just published the names of the new TV series that will be aired on CBS this autumn. There are quite a lot of interesting titles and here we will give you a short introduction to them!

Not only CBS, but all other networks have also published titles of new TV series that will come to our televisions this autumn. Fox will for example come up with a new 24 TV series with a new “Jack Bauer” and in addition they will continue Prison Break from where they left of lots of years ago. But, what will come to CBS?

The Great Indoors

This is a situation comedy showing life in the office of an online paper writing stories and articles on strange topics. Since things are not going in the right direction they bring in a guy from outside who has been living in the wild and now he is there to bring some wild life into the paper. Can he make it?

New on CBS - The Great Indoors


Most people above 35 years of age have seen an episode or maybe more than 100 episodes of Macgyver. Now he is returning in a much younger version, but luckily his methods are the same and based on the trailer it seems as if evertything is the same, except from the fact that this is a much more modern version. Can Macgyver become a success again? If you want to watch this and all the other CBS series mentioned in this article then you can read more about watching CBS overseas at


In Bull we meet Michael Weatherly playing the role as a lawyer and his law firm. Dr. Bull is leading his company with a steady hand, but defending his clients is not always easy, but luckily he knows a lot about psychology and he is an expert at reading people, and that is what makes him the number one lawyer in his area. But, it isn’t always that easy to convince the jury about the innocence of his client.

New on CBS - Bull

Kevin Can Wait

This is a very traditional comedy telling the story about Kevin (played by Kevin James) who has just retired and is ready to live out his dreams and have fun with his friends from morning till evening. Of course things change and so does his plans, especially as his daughter shows up with her new boyfriend (and fiance) and this is a guy that Kevin really cant stand. A basic plot for a comedy like this. Might become a success, but we are not convinced.

Man With A Plan

Matt LeBlanc is returning to our screens again and this time he is a father trying to run his home after his wife is going back into a full job. Until then he has been the cool dad only having fun with his children whenever he sees them, but it ain’t that easy when you suddenly have to take care of them 24-7. How can it be done?

Pure Genius

This is a brand new medical TV series, but still quite different from similar TV series like Dr. House and Grey’s Anatomy. In Pure Genius we meet a billionaire who has decided to use his fortune and IQ to help people who suffer from special illnesses and have very difficult cases. It is almost so strange and impossible that people can not take him seriously, but if you are a genius, then you are a genius. This will be an interesting TV series to follow.

Short wrap up about the new series coming to CBS

There are lots of goodies coming to CBS and we should of course not forget that they already have some fantastic TV series like Elementary, Person of Interest, NCIS, Big Bang Theory and Odd Couple among their TV series. CBS will without a doubt remain one of the leading networks when it comes to fantastic TV series also in 2016 and 2017.

If you want to watch CBS from outside the USA then you can do so getting yourself an American IP address. That can easily be done, just press the link for information on that. If you want to get access to all CBS material and TV series, then CBS All Access is a fantastic service that you could and should consider. There you will not only get access to the new Macgyver episodes as they are released, but also to the old ones, and to all other CBS series.

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