Is it possible to watch 6Play (M6) online outside France?

Do you wonder if it is possible to watch M6 and their service called 6Play outside France? Would you like to watch a TV program or maybe a live sports event on the channel? Follow these instructions and you will be able to watch your favorite shows on M6 all over the world!

If you try to watch M6 from outside France you will get an error message looking something like one of these messages.

M6 error message - not available from outside France
6play france

The problem is that you need a French IP address to watch M6 all over the world. The solution that will fix the problem is therefore to get a French IP address that will make the 6Play website believe that you are in France, and not somewhere else in the world.

Watch 6Play online outside France with a French IP address

The easiest and quickest and safest way to get a French IP address is to use a good VPN service. We have written about several such VPN providers (which you will notice if you look a bit around in our guide). We have tested lots of services to check the speeds they provide on their servers in France, and based on our test the best available service at the moment providing a French IP is NordVPN. They give you super speeds, making it a joy to watch the streams from M6 from wherever you are in the world.

NordVPN75% discount – 30-day full refund

6Play is currently blocking a lot of VPN services. That is why we recommend NordVPN, a service that is both fast, secure, it has a full refund policy valid for 30-days, and it is awesome for watching 6Play, TF1, and lots of other TV networks and streaming services online.

We are writing this article outside France and the error message shown earlier in the article was therefore valid. After connecting to one of the servers in France with NordVPN things changed and we were able to watch all sorts of content on 6Play online without any problems.

Watching Bones on M6
We are watching 6Play outside France.

If you want to do like us and watch M6 outside France, visit the NordVPN website and sign up for their services today. You will then be ready to watch M6 in a short while from now!

NordVPN75% discount – 30-day full refund
  • NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can use one VPN subscription on six devices simultaneously.
  • They have VPN applications for Windows, Macintosh, FireTV, Android TV, iOS, and Android.
  • NordVPN has servers in more than 50 countries.
  • They have no bandwidth limitations at all.
  • The service can also be used with applications such as uTorrent and other torrent services.

You should now be ready to watch 6Play outside France. If you have any comments or questions, or if you would like to share your own experience, please write a comment!

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