Where to watch Netherlands vs France online?

On October 10th it is time for a fantastic World Cup qualifier between Netherlands and France in Amsterdam. This is how you can watch Netherlands vs France online!

There is little doubt about the fact that Netherlands vs France will be a fantastic match on October 10th. Both teams will play on October 7th first and at the time this article is written we still do not know the result of those matches. But, what we do know is that Netherlands played a draw in their opening match against Sweden (in Sweden) and that France played a draw in their opening match against Belarus (in Belarus).

Netherlands vs France on October 10th – kb-photodesign / Shutterstock

On October 7th France will play at home against Bulgaria while the Netherlands will play at home against Belarus. One should expect both teams to arrive to the match on October 10th with four points each, and anything less would cause great disappointment. But, what can we expect from the match between Netherlands and France on October 10th? And where can you watch Netherlands vs France online?

Watch Netherlands vs France online

If you want to watch Netherlands vs France online you will have to do so at one of the following TV stations.

These are of course the best ways to watch the match online. You can also watch it on Dplay in Norway, but that will require a plus subscription to Dplay, so it is much better to watch it on Dutch or French TV.

What to expect from Netherlands vs France?

We can for sure expect both teams to be eager to win. Netherlands did not even get to Euro 2016 and that is why they will want to win the group to make sure they get to FIFA World Cup 2018. France will want to stand in their way, but they are very much up an down. That is why it is hard to predict the result of this match, but our guess for a result is 1-1. The players on the French team are better rated at the moment (Griezmann, Giroud, Payet, Pogba), but high rated names does not guarantee great results.

What kind of result do you expect this match to give? Write a comment and let us know.


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