How to watch TF1 from outside France?

TF1 is the biggest French television channel. It was founded in 1975 and is said to be the most watched TV channel in Europe. It is possible to watch TF1 online, but if you are outside France it gets harder. So, how can you watch TF1 from outside France?

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TF1 uses the concept called a geo-block. Such a block makes it impossible for people located outside France to watch the program. The solution to the problem is, therefore, to make the website believe that you are located in France, and the way to do so is by getting hold of a French IP address.

If you try to watch TF1 without a French IP address you might from time to time to able to watch some of their shows, but quite a lot of their shows are blocked with the geo-block, making them unavailable for people outside France. If you have that problem, find out how to get a French IP address now!

TF1 not working from outside France
If you try to watch TF1 without a French IP address you will simply see this error

Watch TF1 outside France

To get a French IP address you could use a VPN service. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which will connect your computer to a server in France. Once connected to this service you will get a French IP address and all your movement and activity on the Internet will seem to originate from that server in France that you are connected to, and not to your computer wherever you might be located in the world.

TF1 from outside France
Watching TF1 from outside France with French IP

To help you we have tested several VPN services. Not all services have servers in France, but of those VPN tools with servers in France, the best available at the moment is PureVPN. They give you great download speeds, which is very important when you want to watch TV online. All you need to do is to visit PureVPN, make a subscription to their services, download their client and connect to one of their servers in France. Once this has been done, restart your browser and you are now ready to watch TF1 from outside France, from all over the world.


Good luck and enjoy watching TF1 from all over the world! You can also use these instructions to watch M6 from abroad and lots of other TV channels online.

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