Where can I watch Timeless online?

watch-timeless-onlineThe new NBC series Timeless just had its premiere on NBC. Did you watch the pilot episode? Or maybe you want to watch it? Find out where to watch Timeless online!

We watched the first episode of Timeless online yesterday. It was a good start, but we have not made up our mind. Are we going to watch the upcoming episodes of Timeless? Does it seem like a promising story? According to an article we read Netflix knows exactly how many episodes you need to watch of certain TV series in order to get addicted. Since Timeless is a brand new NBC series it can not be known yet, but it is a fact that you do need to watch a couple of episodes of any TV series to get really addicted.

The first episode gave us the background information that we need and it will serve as a good foundation for the episodes to come. What some people will find brilliant about Timeless is that it involves actual history. In the first episode we become eyewitnesses to the destruction of Hindenburg, and more excitement and historical events will come close in the upcoming episodes. We can of course not guarantee that everything will happen according to history. There is however a big chance that people will start visiting Wikipedia to read more about Hindenburg and similar historical events and objects after watching the pilot episode of Timeless (and other future episodes).

Do you want to watch Timeless online?

If you would like to watch Timeless online there are a couple of ways in which it can be done.

Watch Timeless online on NBC

You can watch the brand new Timless episodes online on the NBC website. You can also watch them on your Apple TV if you have the NBC app ready. If you visit the NBC website they will give you access to the last five episodes of Timeless on their website and you can watch them entirely for free. The only requirement is that you have an American IP address, something that can easily be fixed, even from abroad.

Watch Timeless on Hulu

Hulu is maybe the best and most convenient place to watch Timeless online. If you have a commercial free subscription you will be able to watch all episodes without stops and without commercials. In that way you can save time and watch Timeless online in a very nice way. You will of course need a Hulu subscription to get this working and if you are outside the US you need to follow these instructions.

You are ready to stream Timeless online

Now you know of two ways in which you can stream Timeless online legally. They are both easy to get started with, but if you do not have a Hulu subscription then the best is of course to watch Timeless on the NBC website since it is completely free.

Have you seen Timeless online already? How did you like it?

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