Watch Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie on Netflix

Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie was released in 2014 and it is a kind of follow up on the earlier Madagascar films. The penguins turned so popular during the Madagascar films that they got their own films and shows, and in 2014 they got their very own film which you can now see on UK Netflix.Madagascar

The penguins who work as spies go together in this film to stop the evil enemy, and they are led into cooperating with another group of agents. This will of course lead into lots of action, funny things taking place and a film that is suitable both for adults and for children.

If you consider watching it, then you can now see it on UK Netflix, and for this to work you will need a UK IP address. You can read more about watching Netflix from abroad in this article, and if you want to watch UK Netflix, just read the article about how to get a UK IP address and then you can visit and watch UK Netflix at once.

Take a look at the trailer right away to see if this is a film that you would like to see, or not.


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