Is a SmartDNS subscription enough?

VPN or SmartDNSAre you considering to buy a SmartDNS subscription, but you are still not sure if that is enough and if you will need a VPN subscription as well? Here are some things you should consider before you go on.

A SmartDNS subscription is really useful as you go out there to watch different content online, from abroad. It is really practical because it often gives you much better download raters and speeds than with a VPN connection, which is capable of slowing down your Internet connection a lot. That is why when watching Netflix abroad, Amazon Instant Videos or maybe TV channels online from another nation, then a SmartDNS will often serve you better than a VPN connection, but not always. So, the question is whether a SmartDNS subscription is enough for you, or do you actually need a VPN connection as well?

Do I need a VPN or is a SmartDNS enough?

Here are some things you need to consider before you go on.

The security question

What is my reason for getting a VPN or a SmartDNS subscription? Is is for one sole purpose which is watching content online? If I do not care about security, encryption and so on, then this is one point in the direction of a SmartDNS. If you would like to actually remain protected online, and also when out traveling and surfing using public WiFi connections in hotels, restaurants and at Starbucks coffee shops worldwide, then VPN gets the point instead.

The device question

On what kind of device would you like to use the subscription you are about to buy? If you want to use it in Windows or on an iOS device, then the SmartDNS is enough for the purpose of downloading and watching content online from abroad. However, on an Android device a VPN connection is often needed in the process of downloading applications for TV channels and streaming services abroad. This is because to download for example the Star Sports application for the TV channel in India from the Google Play Store you will actually need to have an Indian IP address, and no SmartDNS service is capable of fixing this. However in Windows you do not need an application and on iOS you just change your Apple ID address, and that is enough.

To watch the actual stream later the SmartDNS is enough, also on Android, but to download the actual application on Android you will need a VPN subscription.

[stbpro id=”info”]This problem can be arranged by manually downloading the Star Sports Android application and manually uploading it to your Android device which requires some small changes in settings, and then you will not need the VPN connection. In the same way you can search the net for the .apk package for the Android application you want to download and then manually download without the Google Play Store, and thus you will not need a VPN connection.[/stbpro]

Amount of usage

How often are you planning on using the connection? If you only want to use it for a few hours now and then a VPN is in fact easier to use often, because you connect to a server when you want to watch, and disconnect when you are finished. In that way everything goes on in a normal way whenever you do not need it. However, if you plan on making this a permanent change and maybe even a change to implement on your router, then the SmartDNS is much quicker and will not slow you down and make all your Internet movements run through a VPN tunnel.

These are just some thoughts we had on the subject of whether you should use a SmartDNS or a VPN connection. You just go on and think for yourself, but if you want a service which combines both a SmartDNS and a VPN, and which is just as cheap as much SmartDNS providers in themselves, then go for PureVPN and sign up for 12 months, and you will get both a VPN and a SmartDNS for less than 5 USD a month.PureVPN

Have we forgotten anything? Please write your thoughts, comments, questions and inputs!

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