Where to watch Prison Break season 5 online?

Watch Prison Break season 5 onlineOn April 5th it is time for the Prison Break season 5 premiere on Fox in the United States. Would you like to watch the new episodes online just after the original airing on Fox?

For fans of Prison Break April 5th in 2017 will feel like Christmas. We are personally much bigger fans of 24, meaning that our Christmas was on February 5th (that is when 24: Legacy had its premiere on Fox), but for Prison Break fans April 5th will have the same function.

In the new season we soon find out that our main guy, Michael Scofield, did not die after all, but instead he is stuck in a prison somewhere. This means a new task to solve for the friends and enemies of Michael, and that is what you can expect from the fifth season of Prison Break, a season that will consist of a total of 9 episodes.

Watch Prison Break season 5 online

If you want to watch Prison Break season 5 online, then there are three ways in which it can be done.

  1. Stream Prison Break season 5 on the Fox website. A great way to watch it for free online, and if you are located abroad, you can find out how to stream Fox online outside the US right here.
  2. You can also stream Prison Break season 5 on Hulu, and every new episode will be made available the day after original airing (meaning from April 6th in the morning). To stream Hulu abroad, click the link.
  3. It is possible to buy rights for every single Prison Break season 5 episode in Google Play Store, iTunes Store and at Amazon. This is though only possible for those with US Apple Store access, US Google Play Store access and so on.

You should now be ready to stream Prison Break season 5 online right away, no matter where you might be located in the world.

How did you like the Prison Break season 5 pilot episode?

Have you seen the first episode already (meaning that you are here after April 5th)? Why don’t you write a little comment to let us know whether or not you liked it, and whether or not you plan on watching the remaining episodes or not based on what you just sawy!


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