Can I get access to US Google Play Store abroad?

Would you like to access the US Google Play Store while abroad? Would you like to watch films only available in the US Google Play Store? This is how it is done!

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO Now are very big and most people only know of these. But, it is a fact that at Google Play Store you can watch and buy films as well. Since there are no subscription fees with Google you only pay for what you actually buy, making you able to watch blockbusters at once as they are released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

US Google Play Store
How can I get access to the US Google Play Store?

Get access to the US Google Play Store

It is quite simple, but still, it will require some work from you to get access to the US Google Play Store abroad. First of all, you should create a Google Play account with a new user (or with an existing user you have that is located in the USA). The first time you visit Google Play in Windows you will most likely get access to your local Google Play Store, and thus you have to get an American IP address to make Google Play Store believe that you are located in the USA. To get an American IP address you can, for example, use the VPN services of PureVPN. For more information about PureVPN, check our PureVPN review.


Now log in with your new user and use PureVPN to get an American IP address. You should now be able to visit and see the US Google Play Store.

US Google Play Store and payment methods

Add a US payment card – very hard

This is something we had a hard time fixing, because for your user actually to remain a “US Google Play Store” user you need to add funds to your account. This can be a payment card, only for this to work it needs to be a US Payment Card. That is almost impossible for most people.

Use PayPal to add funds to your US Google Play Store account – very hard

The next option is to use PayPal, but that ain’t easy either. Your PayPal account needs to be registered in the USA because if not you won’t be able to add that account. It also seems as you need the account to be fully registered, meaning with an American card linked to the PayPal account and a working phone number. In other words, the PayPal payment method isn’t easy to fix either.

Buy a US Gift Card – easy

This is by far the easiest version. What we did was to visit eBay and there we bought some US Google Play Store gift cards. These were delivered within 30 minutes normally and then we could add the gift card codes to our US Google Play Store account and the money was added at once. Now we had funds in our Play Store Account, and thus we could also buy films, rent films or get access to music, magazines or more.

If you have an account at, you can also buy a Google Play Store gift card there, which you can later use for this very purpose!

Silicon Valley on Goole Play Store
We are watching Silicon Valley in the US Google Play Store from Europe

Are you ready to enjoy theĀ US Google Play Store abroad?

If you have followed these instructions you should be ready to enjoy the US Google Play Store at once. What makes it very nice is that once you have bought or rented a film it seems as if Google doesn’t actually care about your location. Let us say that you have bought the rights to watch Batman v Superman in the US Google Play Store using the money on the account. Once you have bought the film you can travel around the world and watch it everywhere, meaning you do not actually need an American IP address in the future to watch the films you have already bought. Got it?

If you have comments or questions related to watching content on the US Google Play Store, write a comment!

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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks Thomas! Finally I found some instructions that actually helped me fix this. I used the Ebay gift card option to add a US Payment method, and since then I do not even need to use the VPN to access the US store… Thanks a lot!

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