How to watch Serie A online?

The Italian Serie A is one of the best football leagues in the world. If you want to watch Serie A online, then this is what you will need to do!

Serie A is the name of the top league in Italy. The most famous teams playing in Serie A are Juventus, Roma, Lazio, Sampdoria, Fiorentina, Napoli, Inter and AC Milan, but there are several other great teams also playing in Serie A in Italy. If you are a fan of Italian football and want to cheer for your favorite team as they play in Serie A, then this is how you can watch the Serie A matches online.

Watch Serie A online
There are several ways to watch Serie A online!

Watch Serie A online

At the moment we have three ways in which you can watch the Italian Serie A online. No method is 100% for free, but the prices differ a bit.

Watch Serie A on Bet365

This is by far the cheapest version, but also the poorest version when it comes to experience and quality. Once you create a Bet365 account and add some money to it, you will gain access to live streams with low resolution from all Serie A matches. Want to give it a try? Click the banner beneath.

Watch Serie A on

If you want great quality on the stream, then in the US is a much better way to watch Serie A online. A subscription will cost you 35 USD a month, and with this subscription you will get access to the most important matches from Serie A online, and in addition to matches from Ligue 1 in France, Premier League in England, Bundesliga in Germany and La Liga in Spain. You will also be able to stream the Champions League online and the Europe league. To be able to watch online outside the US you will need an American IP address. This is something you can get easily using the VPN services of IPVanish. You can read more about watching online right here, or you can visit their website clicking the banner beneath.

Watch Serie A online on Dazn

If you want to watch Serie A online and get access to absolutely all matches with a mixture of German and English commentators, then Dazn is by far the best service. Their prices are 10 Euro a month, which is very cheap considering that you get access to all La Liga matches, all Premier League matches, all Ligue 1 matches and of course all Serie A matches online.

To sign up for Dazn is a bit complicated and that is why we have created a thorough guide telling you how to watch Dazn online right here.

Good luck watching Serie A online

After reading these instructions you should be ready to watch Serie A online in one way or another. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write a comment beneath.

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  1. William says:

    I hope 2017-18 will be the season when AC Milan finally get back on the throne again. They just won 4-0 against Bayern Munchen, so hopefully they are more than good enough to win Serie A as well.

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