How to watch from abroad?

The Danish TV channel TV2 has great content available online for those with a subscription of some sort. However, if you go abroad you will find out that your subscription is limited due to geographical restrictions, which means that you will not be able to watch all programs included in your package.

If you want to watch from outside Denmark you will need to get a Danish IP address, and in that way, you can easily watch whatever is included in your package from wherever you are in the world. They have different packages, some only for the TV2 live stream, while they have On Demand packages and Premium packages, but if you want to watch from from abroad there is a great chance that your subscription will suffer from the fact that you are outside Denmark and you will need a Danish IP address to keep watching. This can be very frustrating, especially if you want to watch a great TV show and you have used the money to buy a package at TV2 Play, and then you find yourself unable to watch it still, because of your location. Luckily, it can be fixed easily!

TV2 Play i Danmark

Watch TV2 Play in Denmark from abroad

To watch TV2 Play in Denmark from abroad you need a Danish IP address, and the very best and easiest way to get one is by using a so-called VPN provider with servers in Denmark. At the moment HideMyAss is by far the best VPN provider fitting into those requirements. They have several servers in Denmark and hundreds of IP addresses available, so all you need to do is to visit their website and to sign up for their VPN service for 1, 6 or 12 months, and then you can get yourself a Danish IP address within seconds and you can watch TV2 again in a couple of minutes. Once you have the subscription you download their VPN client and connect to a server in Denmark, and you have your Danish IP address and you are ready to watch TV2 Play.


This is, by the way, the same principle that is being used when you want to watch DR from abroad. But, this is not only good for watching TV in Denmark. With the same HideMyAss subscription you can also watch BBC iPlayer in the UK or maybe NBC in the United States?

How can I pay for TV2Play abroad?

We have just tried this (January 2019), and it seems as if you can pay for TV2Play with VISA and MasterCard’s from outside Denmark. We just tried with a UK card and it worked great, meaning that you can easily sign up for and pay for TV2Play, also from abroad.

You will need a Danish cell phone number during the registration process. We did not have access to any number, so we just typed 8 random numbers and it allowed us to register in that way!

Are you ready to stream TV2Play abroad?

We have streamed some content already, and here you can see some screenshots.

Are you ready to watch TV2Play in Denmark online as well? Have a great time and you should be ready to stream their online content in a few minutes from now if you follow these instructions!

5 thoughts on “How to watch from abroad?

  1. Tristan says:

    I have just tried to subscribe to TV2 Play and they rejected my Australian Visa card. It registered my card as valid, however I received the following message at the order approval point:

    “For reasons of rights, we unfortunately only accept payment cards issued in the Kingdom of Denmark. Please try again.”

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I guess you should simply visit the website, press the log ind text in the upper right corner, choose the package you want and pay for it. I am not sure if you will be able to do so without a Danish payment card, but it is worth the try! If you have a Danish VISA or MasterCard, it should cause no trouble at all!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I have just done some more testing and updated the article, so you can just follow the instructions to get started. And yes, you can pay for the service also with credit cards originating outside Denmark.

  2. Thomas Stein says:

    These instructions are up to date… so if you want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 on DR and TV2 in Denmark, you can still use HideMyAss to do so from abroad. Go Denmark, and I hope you will beat Peru, France, and the last opponent easily!

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