What is VaporNodes? Is VaporNodes Finance safe? Should you invest?

VaporNodes is yet another node protocol that has been around since Christmas in 2021. It has had a real rollercoaster ride since then and the price has moved between $0.001 per VPND token and $0.1 at the peak. But, what is VaporNodes and is it worth investing in the protocol? How does it work? How can you generate passive income with VaporNodes?

what is vapornodes

This article was originally published in February 2022, but it has been updated several times since then. We hope you will find all the information you are looking for in this article. If you have comments or questions, please use the comment field below.

VaporNodes is running on the Avalanche blockchain and it is very easy to use. In fact, it is somehow easier to use and to get started with than most other node protocols like Thor Financial and PowerNodes, because all you have to do is to create a node with your tokens and the job is done. You do not have to worry about different kinds of nodes with different reward levels. The minimum requirement is 1000 VPND to create a node, but if you own 50,000 VPND tokens, you can create one node with those. There is no goal in itself to create a lot of nodes because that will only cause more transaction fees. So, it is much better to just create one VaporNodes node with 100,000 VPND than to create 100 nodes using the same amount. In that way, VaporNodes is actually much more similar to Louverture than it is similar to Thor Financial, PowerNodes, Comb Financial, Cubo Finance, and several others. However, while Louverture and many others have fallen apart (or rugged) since their inception, VaporNodes (also referred to as VaporFi, VaporNodes Finance, and/or VaporFinance) is still going strong.

Let us take a closer look at VaporNodes together. Do not forget, this is not financial advice and you should never invest based on what you read here. Do your own research and spend your own money wisely.

In a hurry? Click the link below to visit the VaporNodes website.

vapornodes wiki

Currently, VaporNodes is operating with a daily ROI of 1%, meaning that it will take you 100 days to earn back your initial investment (in VPND tokens). If the Dollar value of the token will drop in the same period, it will take a longer amount to actually reach your return of investment (in USD), but if the price should increase, then it will go faster.

If you take your rewards and compound them, your node size will grow which also means that your daily rewards will grow. What you use to create a node or what you compound will “be lost”, but as your node is growing, the future daily rewards in VPND will grow in size so whenever you should decide to claim your rewards in the future, you will see a higher number of VPND tokens generated per day (due to the increased size of your node).

There are all sorts of mechanisms in the protocol, for example, the principle of Diamond Hands.

  • Level 0: Rewards within the first 3 days get no boost
  • Level 1: Rewards not claimed for 3 days gets an x1.05 boost
  • Level 2: Rewards not claimed for 7 days gets an x1.2 boost
  • Level 3: Rewards not claimed for 15 days gets an x1.4 boost

This is a system that encourages people to keep their rewards stored on the platform for a longer time, instead of claiming them every single day.

There is also a 10% Claim Tax meaning that whenever you claim your rewards, 10% will be “taken” as a claim tax.

Should you invest in VaporNodes?

What makes VaporNodes better than Phoenix Community Capital, Thor Financial, Comb Financial, Louverture, and the others? To be honest, it is hard to say. They have a nice-looking website, and they have a lead developer who is very visible and not hiding (@MejiasDev). That for sure comes as a big positive. And while projects such as Phoenix Community Capital seem to be quite dead, hard work is taking place with VaporNodes.

They have done quite a lot of investments in other protocols using the funds in the treasury. One of the biggest things is that they are working on their own decentralized exchange, VaporDex. This is a giant leap for the protocol and for the community, and it should give a boost to the different tokens of the protocol. What does this mean? Check the tweet below to understand more.

On the VaporDex you can stake your VPND and earn other tokens. This will both increase the demand for the VPND token and give node owners a reason to keep their tokens instead of selling them.

When we first wrote about VaporNodes, it felt very similar to most other node protocols (that isn’t very positive). Since then, it has changed and we now have a better feeling about VaporNodes than we originally had. Whether they will succeed in the long run or not remains insecure. What we do know is that they work hard, and there is a chance that VaporNodes will stand strong in the future. Of course, there is a chance that they will fail and drop dead as well. That is why you need to do further research yourself before investing.

VPND price and opportunities as of September 2020

Currently, the price of 1000 VPND tokens (the minimum required in order to create a node) is $2,5, meaning that there is a very low risk involved here. Of course, the gains won’t be as big with a small order like that, but it still makes it a very low-entrance project. This means that you can buy 100,000 VPND tokens at the moment for $250. Since there is a 1% reward on your node, it will take you 100 days to earn 100,000 VPND tokens with your newly created node. How much those tokens will be worth in 100 days is something we all wish we knew.

What is the conclusion?

VaporNodes is a very interesting project and they have survived the bearish market of 2022 so far. Whether they will succeed and manage to make this a thriving project remains unknown. However, the fact that they are still around and daily share news on their Twitter channel and communicate with their community should definitely be considered positive.

How to buy VPND and create a node?

It is really easy to buy VPND tokens and create a node.

  • First, you need to have a MetaMask wallet installed on your device (we recommend that you use it together with a hardware wallet like Trezor or a Ledger).
  • Make sure to run your MetaMask wallet on the Avalanche network (add the network if it isn’t there already).
  • Buy some AVAX tokens on Kucoin or Binance (or somewhere else) and send them with a C-Chain transfer to the address of your MetaMask wallet. It is always recommended to do a test transfer with a small amount first to make sure that everything works properly before you send the big amount.
  • Go to TraderJoe and buy your VPND tokens. Do not forget to leave some AVAX in your wallet which is required to pay for future transactions on the blockchain.
buy VPND tokens on TraderJoe
two transactions are required
  • Give your node a name, choose the number of tokens to add, and if you use one of the links in this article, feel free to leave us as a referral as you register.
  • Click the continue button. This will first start one transaction on the blockchain (to approve you spending your VPND tokens) and the second will actually register your node. After the second transaction, your node will be created.
vapornode registered

Above you can see that the IP Address Guide node is registered on the VaporNodes Finance website. Now it is just to let the tokens work, and hopefully, it will turn into a stream of passive income in the coming weeks, months, and years.

That’s it! We have now shared some thoughts about VaporNodes Finance and we have also shown you how to create your first VaporNodes node. Are you going to create a node? Have you created a node already? Are you satisfied? Are you happy? Are you worried? Or do you have any questions? Please use the comment field below and let us hear from you!

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    • Thomas Stein says:

      Nah, this isn’t such a kind of node. Here you just deposit VPND tokens to the platform and it will operate as a node. In other words, you need no technical skills, nor do you need any hardware. All you need is VPND tokens in a wallet that you deposit to the VaporNodes website.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      You can claim your rewards and then sell them, but the node itself and whatever you have added as funds to the node, cannot be removed from the system… only the node rewards can be removed and sold!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      There is no way to cancel the node, and it would be stupid since you will never get your investment in return… If you want to forget about it, just do that, but return in a while to cash out your rewards no matter what!

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