Phoenix Community Capital with a 100,000 NEST cap + free nest to everyone with nests registered before April 1st

Phoenix Community Capital is one of the most hyped node/nest protocols right now, and they did something quite astonishing recently… they gave away a free nest to anyone with a nest in their wallet before April 1st. As the rumors spread about the nest-drop, most people thought it would be a typical Fools’ day joke, Read More

The best platforms/projects for passive income in crypto in 2022!

Before we start, this is not financial advice, and we clearly want to state that. Do you know why? As we wrote a similar article in 2021, our advice was mostly crappy, at least if you followed a couple of our suggestions. Does that make us bad investors? Maybe! But, I guess lots of other Read More

What is VaporNodes? Is VaporNodes Finance safe? Should you invest?

VaporNodes is yet another node protocol that has been around since Christmas in 2021. It has had a real rollercoaster ride since then and the price has moved between $0.001 per VPND token and $0.1 at the peak. But, what is VaporNodes and is it worth investing in the protocol? How does it work? How Read More

How to buy FIRE and how to create Phoenix Community Capital nest (FIRE nest)? Is it worth it?

Node protocols are really popular at the start of 2022, and there are new protocols popping up every single day. Many of them disappear as quickly as they show up, and this causes great confusion among investors. Which one should you invest in? Are these protocols sustainable? What can we know about Phoenix Community Capital? Read More

Why FIRE (Phoenix Community Capital) might perform better than the other node projects long-term?

We are just attacked by node projects every single day, especially node projects running on the Avalanche blockchain. Phoenix Community Capital (FIRE) is one of them, but I guess they would disagree, because they do not have nodes, but instead, they have nests. But, for the average investors, that doesn’t really matter, because they don’t Read More