Watch Portugal – Chile online (June 28th)

The first semi-final in the Confederations Cup 2017 will be played on June 28th at 20.00. The match will be played at Kazan Arena. Want to stream it?

The semi-final between Portugal and Chile could just as well have been the final of the tournament. Here we have two brilliant teams playing, and it will be fantastic to see Ronaldo and Portugal clash together with Vidal, Sanchez, Vargas and the other stars from Chile. Want to stream the match on the Internet?

Chile vs Portugal online
Can Ronaldo and Portugal win the Confederations cup as well? Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley /

Watch Portugal vs Chile online

The easiest way to stream the match between Portugal and Chile online is by watching it on M4 in Hungary. This is a public Hungarian channel, and the only requirement if you want to watch it online is to have a Hungarian IP address. If you want to get a local IP in Hungary (which is needed to stream the match), use the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

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Press the button above, sign up for the services and download their VPN client. Once that is done, do as follows:

  • Connect to a server in Hungary with ExpressVPN.
  • Visit
  • Click ELO in the upper right corner and select M4.
  • You can now watch the live stream of the match!

If you want to find more methods for streaming the Chile vs Portugal match online, follow our instructions on streaming Confederations Cup online.

More about the Portugal vs Chile match

Many people will agree that Portugal won the European Championship in Football in 2016 without actually impressing to much. They moved on from the group stage after three draws, 0-0 against Austria, 3-3 against Hungary and 1-1 against Iceland. That was not very impressing!

They started the knockout stage by beating Croatia 1-0, a match most people expected Croatia to win, but Portugal somehow managed to get the victory. Following this match they won against Poland after penalties (once again without impressing). In the semi-final they won against Wales (by the book), and in the final Portugal managed to make France poor, but without impressing themselves. The most impressing in the final might have been how they managed to keep their spirits up, even after Ronaldo was injured and acted like a second coach from the side line.

In other words, Portugal won Euro 2016 without impressing. Now they are here in the Confederations Cup, and so far they have been impressing a lot. They are playing solid football, they were unlucky to get a draw against Mexico in the opening match, but has since then won both matches and they are small favorites in front of the match against Chile.

What about Chile?

Chile won the Copa America in 2016. They lost one match in the group stage, against Argentina, a team they later would beat in the very final of the same tournament.  During the knockout stage the team from Chile started by beating Mexico 7-0, a totally crazy result. Later they won 2-0 against Colombia, before beating Argentina 4-2 on penalties in the Copa America final.

So far into he Confederations Cup Chile has been playing very entertaining football, and they are one of our favorite teams to watch. They are playing creative and colorful football, and their stars have delivered what we expect from them. But, will it be enough as they face Portugal on the other side?

We saw in the match against Germany that Chile could absolutely rule and control the match. We believe they will be able to do exactly the same in the match against Portugal, and believe the match will end with a 2-1 victory for Chile. What do you think?

Ready to stream?

Are you ready to stream the match online? Do you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts about who’s gonna win the match? Use the comment field beneath!


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