Best content on US Netflix right now!

Did you know that you can easily get access to US Netflix all across the world? Here are some movie suggestions for those who want to stream content on the biggest of all Netflix libraries in the world in the coming months.

The fact that US Netflix give you access to the largest amount of content, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be given access to the best content. That can be heavily debated, but no matter where you stand in that question, anyone saying that US Netflix stinks is a liar somewhere. There is lots of great content available on US Netflix, and if you want to find out more about how you can access US Netflix while on summer holiday abroad, click the link.

When you are out traveling and look for content to stream on US Netflix, you might only want to find a movie to stream for an evening, but you might also want to find a TV series that you can stream and watch episode by episode throughout the entire summer. We will therefore divide the article into two, and present the best TV series on US Netflix right now and then the best movies on US Netflix right now. If you agree or disagree, please write a comment in the end of the article and share your thoughts!

The best TV series on US Netflix right now!

It is hard to create such a list, because there are so many TV series available and so many different tastes. But, I will not include any original Netflix series, because those TV series are available in all Netflix regions and can be seen anywhere. If you still want to stream some brilliant original Netflix series, our suggestions would be:

– Orange is the New Black
– House of Cards
– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

But, if you look for content that is not really original Netflix material, and that might not be available in all Netflix regions, these are my suggestions:

Designated Survivor

A brilliant TV series with Kiefer Sutherland in the role as the President of the United States. It is completely different from 24, but still it has a feeling of 24 to it. Terrorists have just killed everyone in the US cabinet, and the only one remaining is Kiefer Sutherland who was set aside to be the Designated Survivor (the one becoming the new US President in case everyone else dies). This is a mixture of politics and action, and one of the best TV series in 2017. Do not watch 24: Legacy, but follow Kiefer Sutherland into his new role as the US President in Designated Survivor instead.

Designated Survivor


On US Netflix you will find six seasons of the NBC series Parenthood. This is the only Netflix region in which this TV series can be streamed, and it is a beautiful and thoughtful TV series about family life. In Parenthood we follow four siblings living in the same town as their parents, but still living their own lives with their own children. These relationships are frequently tested, and lots of challenges occur as a child fights with Asbergers (autism), other have trouble in their relationships, and then the grandparents themselves have big trouble in their marriage.


Did you know that the now so famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch actually got his international breakthrough in the role as Sherlock in the BBC series with the same name? Now you can stream the four seasons of Sherlock episodes on US Netflix. You should be warned that a season only consist of 3 or 4 episodes, but all episodes last for around 90 minutes, making them more of a movie than a TV series. We are big fans of the Sherlock TV series from BBC, even though the latest season (number 4) was a bit disappointing and boring to us, at least compared with the first three seasons. But, Sherlock is still worth streaming on US Netflix, so go ahead and get started.



We had never heard about Cuckoo, before introduced to it last summer. This BBC series can now be seen on US Netflix, and once we started, we did not manage to stop before we had watched all episodes in the first three seasons. Since then we are waiting eagerly for the fourth season of the TV series which somehow never seems to arrive. If you haven’t started yet, then get started with Cuckoo, a crazy guy who lives his life very differently from his new girlfriend and her family. But, unfortunately for the girlfriends family Cuckoo will be staying with them in the future, and thus lots of funny incidents will take place. If you stream Cuckoo, we can promise you lots of laughter and happy moments!



On US Netflix you can now also stream 4 seasons of another BBC series named Luther. This TV series tells us the story of a brilliant detective named Luther, but who also has loads of issues he needs to deal with in his personal life. It should be said that Luther is a quite brutal TV series, and the crimes committed are even more brutal, meaning that this is not a TV series for those with a soft heart.

These were five TV series we can warmly recommend on US Netflix at the moment. If you get started with these, you will for sure not have a boring moment ahead of you in the coming month or more.

Best movies on US Netflix at the moment

There are lots of movies available on US Netflix that cannot be found in other Netflix regions, or if it does, then only in a few regions. We have therefore picked out five movies on US Netflix at the moment which we believe will fit people with all sorts of tastes. If you have comments, agree or disagree, use the comment field beneath.

Captain America: Civil War

In the Marvel universe there are lots of movies to watch, and once you get started, you will discover a whole universe of movies worth watching. Captain America. Civil War is a movie in the Captain America series, meaning that it would be smart to stream the other Captain America movies before you get started with this. It can however be streamed as a stand alone movie, but there are some incidents you will have a hard time understanding. Once you get started with this and enjoy it, then we can warmly recommend another new Marvel movie that can be streamed on US Netflix as well, Doctor Strange. It should also be mentioned that this was the highest grossing movies of all in 2016.

Captain America Civil War

The Wave

You have probably never heard about this movie, but The Wave is a Norwegian movie which will give you a mixture of a beautiful landscape, and a terrible accident as the city of Geiranger is threatened by a giant wave coming to exterminate the city. What makes the movie even more interesting is the fact that this is a problem that could actually occur in real life, meaning that there is a setup scenario and security measures made in real life in case this should ever happen. Why don’t you spend a few hours watching the first disaster movie made in Norway ever on US Netflix?

Inglorious Basterds

This is the first movie in which we really got to know Christopher Waltz, a brilliant actor playing an angry Nazi officer. We can also meet Brad Pitt, an officer going to fight the German Nazis together with his little army. Their main goal is to kill Nazis, and they are actually quite good at it. Inglorious Basterds is complete fiction and a movie that gives you a mixture of action and comedy at the same time. The movie will make you smile a lot, and it is one of the best Second World War movies made approaching the subject in this kind of hilarious way. And once again, pay especially attention to the magnificent way Christopher Waltz plays his role!

Inglorious Basterds

Minions, Trolls, Finding Dory, Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets

If you want to have a good time with your children, or maybe let your children have a good time while you do something completely different, then these are five animated movies that will help you succeed with your mission. Minions is the movie telling us how the minions came to be, and if you didn’t enjoy their company before, you will for sure enjoy it after this easy to watch and funny movie. Finding Dory is the follow up movie to Nemo, and this time they have to find Dory, a senile fish that has gotten lost. Zootopia is the Academy Awarded movie, while The Secret Life of Pets gives you insight in what life is like for pets as their “parents” go away. The story is awfully similar to Toy Story, but this time it is about pets and this movie was such a big success in the world, that a follow up movie is promised right around the corner.

It should also be mentioned that another Disney movie, Moana, will arrive to US Netflix in a couple of days from now, meaning that by the time you read this article, that movie will probably be available on US Netflix as well.

The Cobbler

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who like Adam Sandler and those who do not like Adam Sandler. If you’d rather stay away from Adam Sandler, then you should skip The Cobbler. But, if you like Adam Sandler, then The Cobbler is a sweet movie that will make you laugh and have a good time. In the movie Adam Sandler plays a cobbler who by accident discovers a shoe repairing machine that turns his life upside down. After using the machine he looks like whoever owns the shoes he is wearing. This opens a world of opportunities, but also gives him trouble he did not expect.

Midnight in Paris

During his stay in Paris the guy played by Owen Wilson discovers how he can travel back in time, to 1920. There he meets up with important persons such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas and lots of other people. These relationships help him reflect on his own relationship to Inez (played by Rachel McAdams). The movie was nominated for four Academy Awards, and ended up winning the award for Best Original Screenplay. If you want to stream a movie on US Netflix exploring subjects such as nostalgia and modernism, then this is your movie.

Midnight in Paris

What are you gonna stream on US Netflix tonight?

After reading through these lists presenting the best movies and TV series on US Netflix at the moment, we do believe that you are eager to start watching right away. What are you planning to stream? Please write a comment and tell us what you are planning to watch. If you have further suggestions or thoughts on your mind, feel free to put them into words using the comment field beneath as well.

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