What’s going on in Turkey?

Have you heard about what’s going on in Turkey? Since last Friday access to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp has been blocked. Why? How come? How?

Not so long ago we wrote an article on what’s going on in Russia. Back then a new law would force VPN providers to share information with the government, and as a result several VPN providers decided to get rid of their servers in Russia in order not to compromise the data of their users. This time we have to deal with Turkey, because something is going on there as well!

Social Media ban in Turkey

Do you remember the coup in Turkey this summer? For some long hours the world hoped that the coup-makers would succeed in getting rid of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but after some hours it got clear that the coup was unsuccessful. The consequences of the coup are however still to be felt. The Turkish President now use the coup as a reason to make everything even more strict, in order to avoid any similar coup or threats in the future. And as a part of this he recently banned the usage of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and also WhatsApp in Turkey.

How long will the ban last?

We do not know for how long the social media ban will last. It might be removed today, or it might take weeks or even months. But, probably the access will be given back within shortly. It is however not fair that the government can force its citizens to no longer use social media, which is a very important part of life in today’s world. It is the way lots of people communicate and keep contact, and of course a platform where revolts can be planned. And for the latter reason Turkey has now banned these methods.

Now in a perfect world I believe it would be brilliant to have a week or even a month without social media. But, that should not be because someone forced me into not using it, but because I wanted to have a break from the stress of always being online and available. But, being forced to stop using such social media tools by the government is outrageous.

Is there a way to still use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube in Turkey?

Yes! You can bypass the bans and still access social media in Turkey. To do so you will need to use a VPN service and connect to a server in a nation outside Turkey. Once connected to a server outside Turkey using a VPN connection your online activity will be hidden and neither your ISP nor the government will be able to follow your activities. At the same time you will again be able to access social media.

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