Now you can watch Mr. Holmes on Netflix

Are you a fan of Ian McKellen? Would you like to watch him play the role as an old Sherlock Holmes with one more mystery to solve? You can now watch Mr. Holmes on Netflix.

There isĀ  a slight error in the topic. Yes, you can watch Mr. Holmes on Netflix, but if you visit and search for Mr. Holmes there is a very high chance that you will not find it. How come? Well, at the time we are writing this article Mr. Holmes can only be seen in three Netflix regions. Those are not Netflix regions like USA, Canada, England or Germany, but much more exotic and maybe scarier for some of us. At the moment you can watch Mr. Holmes on Netflix in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Now, those are some great nations, but you might not want to travel to any of them for the purpose of streaming Mr. Holmes on Netflix.

What can you do to watch Mr. Holmes elsewhere?

If you do not reside in one of those nations then you can try getting a local IP address in one of the nations to access Netflix there. But, since it is no longer enough with a local IP address to stream content online, it is most likely not to work. The consequence is that you remain unable to stream Mr. Holmes on Netflix. What can be done then if you are in the mood for watching Mr. Holmes online? These are our suggestions!


Other ways to stream Mr. Holmes online!

A brilliant and easy way to stream Mr. Holmes online is by watching it on Google Play. If you have a Google account then visit and buy or rent the movie there. What is brilliant about Google Play is that you have around 48 hours to actually watch the movie after starting, and the rental prices are very nice.

You can also buy or rent the movie on, on Vudu or in the Apple Store. These are all working methods that will give you access to Mr. Holmes at once. Which platform you decide to use is up to you, but at least you know now a couple of ways in which you can watch Mr. Holmes online besides Netflix.

Is it worth paying a couple of dollars to stream Mr. Holmes online?

If you ask the website Rotten Tomatoes then the answer will be yes. At the moment Mr. Holmes has an 88% score and that should be considered very high for this portal which normally come with love scores. At iMDB (which normally has high ratings) Mr. Holmes only has a 6.9/10 score, which should be considered fairly low for such a film.

Have you seen Mr. Holmes? Did you like it? Please write a comment to share your thoughts on the film!

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