Where and how to watch Holby City online?

Have you ever watched Holby City, the BBC show? Holby City premiered on BBC in the UK in 1999. How come the show is still running? It has to do with the popularity and the millions of Holby City fans. But, where can you watch and stream the Holby City episodes online?

It says a lot about Holby City when you hear that the show has been nominated for more than 100 different TV awards. Even though it originally came out as a spin-off to Casualty, it has grown in a fantastic way, and today none remember Casualty, and instead, everyone speak of Holby City.

But, how and where can you watch Holby City online?

You might wonder if you can stream Holby City on Netflix? Or maybe you can stream Holby City on Amazon Prime? Well, the answer to both those questions are no! You cannot stream Holby City on Netflix, and you cannot stream Holby City on Amazon Prime. With the two giant streaming services out of the game, where should you go then?

Stream Holby City on BBC iPlayer

The answer is very obvious. The number one place to stream Holby City online is on BBC iPlayer in the UK. But, before you continue, you need to understand that this isn’t a show like Line of Duty, Fleabag, or Cuckoo. This is a permanent show with a permanent staff working every day to create a new episode every single week. In other words, there are 52 episodes produced of Holby City every year, and that is why you will only be able to stream the latest episodes of Holby City on the BBC iPlayer.

The episodes are available on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after the episode has aired. After that, they are removed and you cannot watch them online anymore.

If you live in the UK, simply head over to BBC iPlayer and start streaming Holby City online right away. But, what about those abroad? How and where should they stream Holby City online? Isn’t it so that BBC blocks all VPN providers, and even though you use a VPN, you will most likely get an error message as you try to stream the content?

Can I watch Holby City online on BBC iPlayer abroad?

The answer to that question is yes, but you will have to use a VPN provider that actually works with BBC. As I have written before in several articles, BBC iPlayer is really good at blocking VPN users, and thus you will still get the error message about being abroad, even though you use a VPN. Just take a look at the screenshot beneath.

Error message when trying to watch Holby City on BBC iPlayer abroad
Error message when trying to watch Holby City on BBC iPlayer abroad

So, what can you do about this is you are abroad and still want to watch what is going on at Holby City Hospital? This is what you need to do.

  • You need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Click the button beneath to visit their website and sign up for their services.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee. And, if you sign up for 12 months clicking the button above, you will get three months of usage for free in addition.

  • After signing up for ExpressVPN, download their VPN application to your computer or device.
  • Open the app and connect to a server in England (this will give you a UK IP address).
  • Restart the BBC Media Player application or restart your browser.
  • Watch Holby City at BBC iPlayer, all across the world.

Still get the BBC error message when using ExpressVPN?
If you still get the error message watching BBC iPlayer when using ExpressVPN, open your browser in the Privacy Mode/Incognito mode. This will solve the problem and you will be able to watch the BBC using a VPN with no trouble. If this doesn’t help, contact the ExpressVPN customer service or write a comment to this article and I will do my best to help you out. But, one thing is for sure – ExpressVPN works with BBC iPlayer, so no worries at all!

Are there other VPN providers working with BBC iPlayer and Holby City?

Would you like to use some other VPN provider instead? To be honest, there are some VPN providers that might work with BBC iPlayer, but they are not at all as stable and well-working as ExpressVPN, and therefore, I do not really like to recommend them. NordVPN normally works with BBC iPlayer (and they have a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning there is no real risk in trying), but still – I cannot guarantee that it will work, and that is why I prefer ExpressVPN instead.

Fun fact about Holby City

At the time of this article, a total of 973 episodes have aired in a total of Holby City. That means, by the end of 2019, we will all get to watch episode number 1000 of this very popular BBC show. I am curious about whether they will celebrate it somehow within the actual show, or if there will just be a celebration off-screen. No matter what, that is a fantastic deal for this BBC production.

How long have you been watching Holby City?

Have you been watching Holby City since the start? Did you jump on the fun at a later point in history? Why are you watching? Do you have a favorite character? I would love to hear your thoughts about Holby City and also to know what makes you enjoy this show so much? Is it much better than other medical TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident?

If you need any help watching Holby City online, please write a comment and I will do my best to answer and help as quickly as possible!

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  1. Bradley Dee Moses says:

    I want to watch all seasons from the beginning. I live in Missouri near St. Louis. What can I do to achieve this?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Don’t think you have such an option online…sorry about that. Maybe if BBC will ever launch their own streaming service, then you might get it. Until then, no such option that I know of.

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