Where to watch Barcelona vs Arsenal online?

Watch Arsenal vs Barcelona onlineOn March 16th at 20.45 it is time for kick of and it is time for us all to watch Barcelona vs Arsenal online or at our TV screens. But where can you watch this Champions league match online?

There are lots of great matches played in the Champions League at the moment. One week before the first Arsenal vs Barcelona match we could see PSG vs Chelsea which was a fantastic match. Since then PSG won easily against Chelsea in London, and now we are curious to see if tonight will bring an end to the Champions League history for Arsenal in 2015/16 as well.

Barcelona seems to be extremely strong and just like last year Messi, Neymar and Suarez seem to be impossible to stop. But, maybe Arsene Wenger has some tricks ready to stop the Barcelona trio and maybe to make Giroud and Sanchez score some goals instead.

If you want to watch this Champions League match online we recommend that you click the link earlier in this sentence to get a description of lots of different ways to watch the Champions League online. There you will find both free and pay-TV methods, so you can decide for yourself on what TV channel you want to watch Arsenal vs Barcelona online.


You can use HideMyAss above to get an IP address in different nations so to watch Barcelona vs Arsenal on Spanish TV get a Spanish IP address with HideMyAss and watch match live stream here.

How to watch Arsenal vs Barcelona online?

If you just want to get a quick solution right here, then we will emphasize on two ways in which you can watch Arsenal vs Barcelona online.

  1. The best way to watch the match is probably on FoxSoccer2Go in the USA. Read the linked article for information on how to watch absolutely all Champions League matches online on their site. This is a pay-TV channel, but the first seven days are free.
  2. You can watch it on Spanish TV visiting the following site. You need a Spanish IP address to watch the live stream there.
  3. Read this article to find an overview of TV broadcasters showing the Champions League matches online.

Who will win? We have no idea, but our guess would be a win for Barcelona. But, we hope for an Arsenal win, simply because football is best when the second best teams are good enough to even beat the best teams. What do you think?

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