Who is Daniele Sesta (Daniele Sestagalli), the man behind Wonderland ($Time), Popsicle Finance ($ICE), and Abracadabra ($MIM)?

Have you heard about Daniele Sesta, the man who is filling Twitter with all sorts of tweets and discussing heavily at all times of the day? His LinkedIn profile picture is a frog showing his middle finger to all visitors! But, in the midst of this, he is also the leader of incredibly popular cryptocurrency projects such as Wonderland, Popsicle Finance, and Abracadabra. Who is this guy? Should he be trusted? After all, if you trust the guy, you might very well end up trusting the projects as well. But, if you don’t trust the guy, why should you dare to invest in his projects that often sound way too good to be true?

It is interesting to take a closer look at all the projects mentioned, and then also Wonderland ($Time). This is a fork of the very popular project named OlympusDAO, a project that aims to be a treasury-backed currency (unlike normal stable coins). This has become very popular, and this has caused lots of forks to be created, whereof Wonderland is one of them. There is, however, one big difference. While we have no clue about the team behind OlympusDAO, Wonderland actually has a person who is the leading character of the project and that is Daniele Sesta. Actually knowing a team member gives project credibility, at least if the person is credible himself/herself. So, what do we know about Daniele Sesta (or Daniele Sestagalli).

daniele sestagalli

Daniele Sestagalli – not a newbie in the blockchain industry

Daniele Sestagalli has been in the blockchain industry for a long time. He has expressed in several interviews that he started with Bitcoin already in 2011. We don’t know a lot about him, but he clearly shows up in the industry in 2018 with his project named Zulu Republic. According to his LinkedIn profile, he speaks Italian, Spanish and English, but the average consensus tells us that Daniele himself comes from Italy.

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CEO of Zulu Republic (2018)

This is a blockchain project that was supposed to run on the Ethereum blockchain. The website of the project doesn’t work anymore, but the expressed goal of the project is the following.

Zulu Republic is an ecosystem of digital platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain, founded on and motivated by the idea that decentralized collaboration is the human protocol of the future. Our mission is to make it easier than ever for people to join the cryptocurrency revolution, empowering them to take control of their own financial lives, with an emphasis on unparalleled user experience.

Daniele was also speaking at a Litecoin summit in 2018, taking part as a representative of Zulu Republic. You can see the panel conversation on Youtube.

Chief Technique Officer at Utopia Genesis Basis (2021)

By the start of 2021, it seems as if Daniele Sesta was busy working with a model for the music industry that would help the artists and the industry itself. The goal was “to create a blockchain framework for everybody working in music.” This was to help artists with copyright protection, how they could earn money in an easier way, and simply take the blockchain industry to revolutionize the music industry. You can see his interview about this right here.

But, suddenly the world seems to have turned upside down, and Daniele Sestagalli shows up with three products that really turn things upside down in the blockchain industry.

Daniele Sesta on Twitter

Popsicle Finance, Abracadabra, Wonderland (2021)

One of these projects, or maybe all three of them, is most likely the reason why you are reading this article. You want to learn more about Daniele Sesta and whether he can be trusted or not. And that takes us to this article.

  • First of all, he is putting his own reputation at stake.

Daniele Sesta might not be a blockchain celebrity yet, but he is about to become one. He is getting a lot of attention, not only because of the popularity of his projects, but also as a lead figure in the “Frog-Nation”, and for the hashtag #OccopyDefi on Twitter. While the leaders of the other OHM forks remain anonymous, Daniele Sesta is actually putting his own reputation at stake by showing his face. I consider this to be a brave action, as it also makes him responsible if things should go wrong.

  • Something actually did go wrong with Popsicle Finance.

At the start of August 2021, the platform named Popsicle Finance was hacked for tokens worth more than $25,000,000. This was a big hack and it caused the price of the $ICE token to crash. What did this do to the reputation of Daniele Sesta? Instead of hiding, they worked hard at solving the problem and the tokens stolen have actually been “financed” and returned to the owners who lost funds during the hack.

It should also be mentioned that Popsicle Finance was audited, just like most other Defi projects, which means that just like this happened to Popsicle Finance, it could happen to any other project in the industry (that is deemed to be secure).

  • He is awfully active on Twitter.

Daniele Sesta is tweeting all day long. How can he lead so many and successful projects if he just writes on Twitter all day? It is important to understand that Daniele Sesta isn’t the main programmer himself, so he is more like the lead figure and visible leader of the companies. He is often going into debates with anyone on Twitter, and he can at times also seem rude (check the image below). In other words, he isn’t a typical CEO that speaks politely and wears a suit and a tie. Is this positive or is it negative?

rude tweets from Daniele Sesta

Daniele Sesta is also showing up in more and more interviews online, meaning that you will find him in videos and interviews here and there on YouTube.

What do you make of all this information?

We don’t have a lot of information about Daniele Sesta, but I hope this has given you some background information that will make it easier to make a decision about whether you should invest in platforms led by Daniele Sesta.

I would also like to mention that he is showing up quite regularly at different Blockchain conferences, so this is a guy you will actually have the chance to meet in real life if you follow him on Twitter and go to the conferences he is about to attend (he always mentions them in his tweets).

If you want to check what he is up to on Twitter, you can find his Twitter profile right here.

Any additional information worth sharing?

I have tried to include as much information as possible in this article. Do you have any further insight on Daniele Sesta that is worth sharing? I would love to receive all sorts of information that will make the content of this article even more thorough and accurate!

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    At least today we know that he is one of the biggest scammer’s in history. A true guru, a genius who keeps on scamming people without ever getting annoyed.

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