Klima DAO – Should I buy? Is it worth it? A few thoughts worth reading before you progress!

Have you heard about the project Klima DAO? Would you like to invest in the project? Is it worth it? Can you trust Klima DAO? Is Klima DAO a scam? In this article, I will give you a little introduction to the project, and hopefully, you will feel wiser after reading it. People are buying Read More

OlympusDAO has the largest trading volume on SushiSwap – What is it all about?

We are used to seeing big tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the top when it comes to trading volumes on the different exchanges. That is what makes many people raise their eyebrows when they see that OlympusDAO ($OHM) is on the top when it comes to trading volume on SushiSwap. And we all Read More